The first CEC draw in September held in Canada of Express Entry

The first CEC draw in September held in Canada of Express Entry

“ Since the beginning of 2021, Canada has had 17 CEC drawings ”

On September 14, Canada welcomed 2,000 Express Entry candidates to apply for permanent residency.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates with a score of at least 462 were invited by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Candidates who have been invited to apply for permanent residency now have 60 days to do so.

This draw is later than usual, as IRCC usually does a CEC draw after a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draw this year. The IRCC usually runs a PNP draw on Wednesdays and a CEC draw on Thursdays. The CEC draw, which was supposed to take place on September 2, did not happen.

The draw was held one day before the next PNP-specific Express Entry draw is scheduled to take place.

To Process CEC Applications, All Hands are on Deck

Despite the fact that IRCC is behind schedule, the department has shifted its resources to processing CEC applications, according to the government website. Officers are currently completing CEC applications received in January. All other Express Entry candidates should face delays, according to the government.

IRCC has focused its efforts on immigration applicants who are already in Canada in order to reach its 2021 immigration targets despite travel limitations.

Because Canadian experience is a crucial eligibility element, the majority of CEC candidates in the Express Entry pool apply from within the country. Candidates for the CEC must have at least one year of full-time work experience in a skilled occupation in Canada.

Invitations to Express Entry are Nearly Quadruple of what they were in 2020

The number of Invitations to Apply (ITAs) granted by IRCC has virtually doubled year over year. With more invitations, the IRCC is more likely to meet its 2021 objective of 108,500 newcomers under the Express Entry system.

Due to the nature of CEC and PNP-only draws, the minimum score criteria have fluctuated. Because CEC drawings are limited to a single group of applicants, the cut-offs are usually lower. In the Federal Skilled Worker Program, for example, they are not competing with others. As a result, larger draw sizes allow IRCC to invite more candidates, lowering the score.

With their provincial nomination, PNP candidates automatically receive 600 points; hence PNP drawings will always be larger than any other sort of Express Entry draw. Since June, PNP draws have fluctuated from the low 740s to the high 760s.

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