1241 NOC Code: Securing Administrative Assistant jobs in Canada!

Under the 1241 NOC Code, an administrative assistant will have a limited employment outlook in Alberta between 2022 and 2024 but according to the new version of NOC Code, the 2021 version, the code has changed to NOC Code 13110. So, if you want a job abroad in this field, you have an excellent opportunity to get a job as an administrative assistant. So, check out this blog to know all information about the 13110 NOC Code.

About 13110 NOC Code: Administrative Assistant

In an office, an Administrative Assistant plays a helpful role. They are in charge of maintaining and providing information to their coworkers, as well as answering phones and performing other administrative tasks.

Job Title Included Under This NOC Code

  • Administrative assistant
  • Administrative assistant – office
  • Administrative secretary
  • Appointment secretary
  • Church secretary
  • Contracts secretary
  • Executive secretary (except legal and medical)
  • Private secretary
  • Recording secretary
  • Sales secretary
  • School secretary
  • Secretary (except legal and medical)
  • Secretary-clerk
  • Taxation service secretary
  • Technical secretary
  • Finance secretary
  • Human resources administrator
  • Human resources administrator – Canadian armed forces
  • Human resources secretary
  • Loans and grants administrative assistant
  • Office administrative assistant
  • Personal secretary

The Main Features of 13110 NOC Code

  • Prepare, key in, edit, and proofread correspondence, invoices, presentations, brochures, publications, reports, and other related documents from machine dictation and handwritten copy.
  • Open and distribute incoming conventional and electronic mail and other material, as well as coordinate information flow internally and with other departments and organizations.
  • Employer appointments and meetings should be scheduled and confirmed.
  • Order office supplies and keep inventory.
  • Respond to phone and electronic inquiries, as well as relay phone calls and messages
  • Set up and maintain manual and computerized data storage systems
  • Determine and implement office processes
  • Greet guests, determine the nature of their business, and guide them to the employer or suitable person.
  • Meetings should be recorded and minutes should be prepared.
  • Make travel arrangements and bookings.
  • Data, statistics, and other information may be compiled to support research activities.
  • It is possible to supervise and

Roles and Responsibilities for An Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants perform a variety of administrative tasks to coordinate office activities and handle company information efficiently. So, they handle regular bookkeeping, data reporting, and customer service duties. They may carry out the following duties:

  • Greeting visitors and taking calls
  • Updating the master calendar and making changes to staff schedules
  • Arranging for staff meetings
  • Recording meeting summaries and minutes
  • Performing chores
  • Purchasing supplies and office supplies
  • Submitting paperwork and forms
  • Delivering invoices and acquiring receipts

Qualifications and Skills Required for An Administrative Assistant

Candidates for administrative assistant positions should possess a variety of interpersonal, technical as well as business expertise to carry out their responsibilities effectively, convey correct information, and assist their team in achieving goals on schedule. 

Some of the essential skills necessary include:

  • Proficiency with word processing programs
  • Both written and spoken communication
  • Organizational abilities
  • Problem-solving abilities Flexibility
  • Time-management abilities
  • Paying close attention
  • Resourcefulness

How much salary does a Canadian office administrative assistant (NOC 13110) make?

According to the office administrative assistant NOC 1241 salary data in Canada as of June 21, 2023, the represented individual earns $48,423 per month, $931 per week, or $24.12 per hour.

The job market for this field and calculated average salaries. Hence, the salary rates can differ based on where you work. In calculating an average wage, the lowest yearly wage is $47,419, and the highest is $49,679.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a difference between an Administrative Assistant and a Receptionist?

Administrative Assistants are typically in charge of more sophisticated jobs than Receptionists. Administrative Assistants can answer and direct incoming calls like Receptionists, but they frequently have other responsibilities, whereas Receptionists focus on coordinating the front desk of a department or firm.

What is the highest salary for an office administrative assistant in NOC 1241 in Canada?

The highest salary for an office administrative assistant NOC 1241 in Canada is determined by a variety of criteria. So, according to our study, this type of professional in Canada may earn up to $49,679 each year.

How should I describe an Administrative Assistant on a resume?

Administrative Assistants should have strong communication skills, strong organizational skills, and a high level of attention to detail. They must be energetic and adaptable in order to provide proficient administrative support to other office personnel.

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