5 Canada Immigration Frauds Newcomers Should Be Aware Of!

There are many different communities in Canada, which is a friendly country. In Canada, the various ethnic communities coexist peacefully. Nevertheless, there are still numerous scammers operating in the nation who try to take advantage of the unprotected and illiterate. If you are planning to move to Canada these 5 Canada Immigration fraud newcomers should be aware of! You should hire a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant to prevent these frauds.

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1. Refund Fraud:

Scammers frequently telephone or email their victims to let them know they qualify for a government benefit refund. Usually, These frauds are requested for their bank account information in order to accept the return cash. Once a fraudster obtains your bank information, they might use it illegally in the future to steal money from you.

Remember that the Canadian Government doesn’t ask for sensitive bank information over email or phones.

2. Tax Frauds:

One of the most common scams that target immigrants and other new Canadians is tax fraud. These scammers frequently call or text their target victims to inform them that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is looking into them for tax fraud.

By keeping in mind that the CRA normally contacts people by phone and that they never request personal or financial information over the phone, you can guard yourself against such tax fraud schemes.

3. Phishing Frauds:

They can email you a link to a login page and ask you to confirm a problem with your online banking account. However, this login screen is typically a fake one made with the intention of stealing login information. Once the scammer has this information, they might steal money from your online banking account.

4. Immigrant Fraud:

These fraudsters claim that their victims have broken the law unintentionally and that they must pay a fine to avoid going to jail or being deported. The usual request is for the victim to use prepaid credit cards or a private money transfer agency to pay this fine over the phone.

5. Computer virus fraud:

Some scammers may call you on the phone and pose as tech experts. These fraudsters frequently inform their victims that a virus has entered their computer and could deactivate it. The fraudster then makes an effort to convince their victim to buy specialized anti-virus software or to allow them remote access to the device in order to remove the virus.

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