5 Famous Canadian Entrepreneurs that Changed the World

5 Famous Canadian Entrepreneurs that Changed the World

There are many famous Canadian entrepreneurs that changed the way people live their lives. If you also want to become a Canadian entrepreneur, then you should apply for Canada’s start-up visa program! Let’s know about those entrepreneurs, now! 

5 Most Famous Canadian Entrepreneurs 

1. Mike Lazaridis
Mike Lazardis

One of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world, Mike Lazaridis! He’s also the founder of Research in Motion Limited (RIM). Apart from founding RIM, people from all over the globe know him for developing the Blackberry. Did you know that Mike comes in the list of one of the most successful technologists of Canada? Yeah, he does! 

To become a successful entrepreneur, the first thing that one should do is renounce the things in their way. Similarly, Mike Lazaridis also gave up something. He left his University of Waterloo so he could pursue his interests in RIM and work further for it.

2. Joseph-Armand Bombardier
Joseph-Armand Bombardier

He’s the same Bombardier that you are thinking of. Joseph-Armand Bombardier is the one who launched Bombardier Limited. And yes, Bombardier Limited did become the world’s biggest railway equipment as well as civil airplane producer. The company is also the second-largest manufacturer of business jets. 

When Joseph was only in his mid-30s, he achieved his dream of building a snow machine or a hybrid car that could drift on snow. 

3. Harrison and Wallace McCain
Harrison and Wallace McCain

These are the well-known McCain brothers who founded the food empire of frozen potato fries that people around the world enjoy with much delight. When it comes to frozen french fries, the first name that pops up in our heads is McCain’s frozen fries. Harrison and Wallace McCain founded this very successful business back in 1956. It really didn’t take much for the company to grow into a brand known throughout the globe. 

The McCain brothers actually took inspiration from their father, who was a seed potato farmer. Their business started from just a single factory, where they would cut up potatoes and then freeze them. But now look at where they are! Their factories are found all over the world.

4. John Molson
John Molson

John Molson is actually posthumously recognized as one of the most popular entrepreneurs in Canada. At an early age, Molson immigrated to Canada. From the very start, he showed a peculiar interest in the field of brewing beer. It didn’t take long for him to start his own business, Molson Brewery. But since John was only 18 years old, he had to take startup funds from his grandmother. 

After founding his business, he worked tirelessly and grew his business to be the world’s fifth-largest brewery!

5. Samuel Bronfman
Samuel Bronfman

Samuel Bronfman is an investor and entrepreneur. His first success was by starting Distillers Company Limited. After this, he invested in the oil business where he did an amazing job of making $2 billion from only $50 million dollars.

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