14 Best Part-Time Jobs for Students in Canada (Highest Paid)


Canada is no doubt a hub for students looking out for a job in Canada. Not only working in Canada but you can definitely think of settling there with a great job in hand. In this article, you will be getting detailed information about the best part-time jobs for students in Canada, What are the most paid part-time jobs, part-time jobs available for international students in Canada, etc.

Best Part-Time Jobs for Students in Canada

Freelancing, Physician, Health Care Assistant, Massage Therapist, and Driver are the best part time jobs in Canada, which can be done at the time of studying.

1. Freelancer

Freelancing is the most convenient part-time field that offers vacancies for many:

  • Writer- As a freelance writer you can get paid even per word, that too working according to your time.
  • Content Editor- When talking about writing, it automatically creates a need for editors too. Here is your chance to work as a content editor.
  • Photographer- You can take contracts and assignments based on your interest and earn per click. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Video Editor- You have a great chance to showcase your skills in Canada and get a source of income according to your work.
  • Translator- In case you are fluent in any two or more languages, you can go for translation as an ideal choice for your career. Translating as a freelancer or a part-time employee can give you a source of income.

2. Physician

Physicians and massage therapists are also welcomed with an open heart and great salaries even in part-time jobs.

3. Health Care Assistant

Another best part-time job for students in Canada that pays a great salary is as a health care assistant. If you are associated with the health care and nursing industry, then you have the benefit to get a preference in hiring as the majority of the Canadian population is aged above 60 and requires the best medical facility. Eligibility criteria for Health Care Assistant:
  • Firstly, the candidate should be experienced.
  • You should hold a professional degree.
  • Medical students have a maximum chance of getting hired.

4. Massage Therapist

Did you know that being a part-time professional massager can also help make money that is sufficient for a student living in Canada? It is considered as one of the best part-time jobs for students in Canada as you can earn really great.

5. Driver

Do you feel ashamed to introduce yourself as a truck driver? Well, no job is small, you can earn Canadian Dollars as a truck, bus or uber driver. As Canada has cooler and snowy winters, therefore the need for people with fine driving skills especially in the snow is more. Not only for people driving in the snow but also people driving in plains can earn really well. Part-time drivers can earn up to 14.00 CAD – 29.58 CAD per hour Eligibility criteria for Driver: Firstly, the candidate should be 21 years old or above. Secondly, you should hold a driving license in your home country. You have to give a driving test in Canada no matter even if you already have done one in your home country.

6. Nanny

Are you an infant lover or love spending time with kids? Then trust me, working as a nanny can be the best option for you. I mean what else do you need as a student? If you want to work part-time without much burden and mental pressure, then you make money spending time with kids and taking care of them.

7. Tutor

As a tutor, you have a wide range of students to attract starting from primary schools to graduate students as well. You will get paid according to the student and subject. However, home tutors and tutors who serve a student individually and not in a group are paid better than ordinary ones.

8. Teacher

One of the best part-time jobs for students in Canada is teaching in Canada. You may also apply as an assistant teacher whose main task is to revise lesson plans, update the paperwork, manage student data, etc. With this, you can earn around 15.65 CAD per hour in a part-time job.  Eligibility criteria for Teacher: You should hold an experience of at least a year. You should be a graduate. 

9. Bartender

You can simply earn from 11.00 CAD/hr to 200.00 CAD/night as a bartender in Canada. Therefore, as a student, you can give your morning to your studies, a day to rest and get paid for a bashing night in a club. Isn’t this one of the best part-time jobs for students in Canada?

10. Professional Home Cleaner

Any profession that requires a lot of human energy and time is really paid well with gratitude in Canada. However, you get a salary depending on the service you are providing to your customer.

11. Technician

No doubt there is always a vast market for technicians as they are specialized in their field. However, you have to be experienced, and hold a professional degree in the related field.

12. Dog Walker

Dog lovers should definitely try for this job as it is the best part-time job for students in Canada. Also, you just have to give an hour or even a half and get a decent pay that is sufficient for a student living in Canada. You can expect around 13.00 CAD – 15.00 CAD

13. Translator

In case you are fluent in any two or more languages, translation can be an ideal choice for you to pursue as a career. Translating as a freelancer or a part-time employee can give you a source of income.

14. Marketing Executive

If you are a salesperson by profession and know how to convince people then you may have a bright future ahead in Canada. As Canada has a lot of business setups that will need a marketing team to sell its services and products.

Why is Canada a job destination for international students?

Canada is no doubt a really attractive job destination, especially for international students as the country is rich in resources but lacking in human resources/workforce. Therefore, it raises the need for human capital and has a hell lot of vacancies and opportunities in various fields with a really good pay. There are an ample number of job vacancies for postgraduate students: both part-time and full-time. Also, the quality of life in Canada is superb in comparison to your cost of living. Instead of the best part time jobs for students in Canada, there are ample number of job vacancies for post graduate students. Both part time and full time.

I hope all your queries are answered in this article. However, if not then do check our related articles.

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