Best ways to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency from India in 2020

Best-ways-to-obtain- Canadian-Permanent- Residency-from-India

Being the second largest country in the world, and boasting an enormous Arctic tundra and snow, Canada has aptly been nicknamed the “Great White North”. Canada is one of the major immigration countries. It is a nation with a high rate of immigration. People from all over the world immigrate there for multiple reasons such as:

  • Education
  • Business
  • Career opportunities
  • Start up
  • Premium lifestyle,

And many more.

Canada permanent residency process

Canada is constantly short of skilled labor. To help meet these labor requirements, the government of Canada offers more than 100 pathways through which an immigrant can settle in Canada. The main Canada permanent residency process for immigration programs are:

Express Entry: this process is mainly adopted by skilled professionals who have some experience of employment in their home country or any other foreign country including Canada. This program is the fastest and the most popular immigration program available. Additionally, it is also very simple to apply for this program. An eligible immigrant can create an  Express Entry profile. Their profile will be given a CRS score as per the information provided. Express Entry draws are held every 2 weeks, and the applicants with a CRS score higher than the cut-off are issued an ITA or Invitation to Apply. Once you receive an ITA, you must apply to the IRCC for Canada PR within 60 days. 

Provincial nominee: to apply through this program, you must decide to which province you are going to settle as a permanent resident. The provincial nominee program is on paper so you won’t be able to apply for this program online if you are nominated by any Canadian province. If you wish to apply online, you can apply through express entry.

Family sponsorship: this program is for those candidates who already have a family member or their spouse as a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident. This will help the candidate to get the residency quicker as compared to the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The processing time of this program was 24 months, but it was reduced to 12 months because of the growing number of candidates applying through this program. However, some of the candidates are not genuine, they try to fake their relationship with the alleged family member of theirs in order to get residency fast and to reduce the formalities. To avoid such cases, this program has become very strict and difficult to pass.

Quebec-selected skilled workers: this program is for those candidates who want to move to the dominantly French province of Quebec in Canada. They have their own formalities and protocols for immigration. The Canadian province has its own system and laws for immigration and this program plays a huge part for immigrants who plan on moving in Quebec permanently.

There are other programs available too, but these are the major immigration programs that are frequently used for permanent residency in the country. 

Canada permanent residency rules

Canada permanent residency rules and programs are relatively straight-forward if compared to the other countries. However, they have some rules and guidelines which cannot be breached and you must follow them for your own better chances of legal and safe immigration.

Language Proficiency: The first and very basic rule is to have language efficiency in either English or French. If you plan on living in a foreign country, you might as well be atleast fluent in their language. It makes your immigration easier as well as it makes you feel more comfortable in your new surroundings.

Financial Stability: The second and most important thing is that you must have sufficient funds in your bank account in order to give reassurance to the Canadian government that you will be able to survive in a different country without financial problems. The Canadian government will want you to contribute to the economy of the country for the better rather than becoming a liability to the country itself.

Valid Documents: The third rule is that you should have certain documents that one needs to submit for any programs chosen for immigration. Every program has different protocols, paperwork, and other formalities that you will have to follow in order to immigrate to Canada on legal terms.

Work Experience: If you choose the Express Entry program for immigration you must have at least one year of employment experience in a recognizable company in the past 10 years. They would also give you extra points if you have an employment offer from Canadian firms. This would ensure the government of Canada that you are genuinely planning to stay in the country for longer period of time. It will also imply that you will be able to financially support yourself and your family.

Proof of Connection: The family sponsorship program mandates you to substantiate that your relationship with the Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident is absolutely real and not fake. To ensure this, officials will ask a few questions about your relationship to verify its authenticity. They would ask you some personal questions just to get a clear view. They are hunting for frauds so you do not take anything personally and just let the officials do their job. Try to cooperate with them and you will be fine

These regulations are in place for your safety and to protect your stay in Canada from being jeopardized. You will be given a permanent residence permit even before you arrive in Canada if you adhere to these regulations and complete all the requirements. This will benefit you immensely and make your stay in Canada very easy.

Canada permanent residency visa cost

The permanent residency can be costly. A person must have sufficient funds to immigrate to Canada. The Canada permanent residency visa cost can vary from different immigration programs available in the permanent residence process.

  • Business immigration: processing fee + permanent residency fee = $2,385
  • Caregivers: processing fee + permanent residency fee = $1,210
  • Economic immigration: processing fee + permanent residency fee = $1,525
  • Humanitarian and compassionate: processing fee + permanent residency fee = $1,210
  • Permanent residency cards: $50
  • Permanent resident travel document: $50
  • Permit holders class: processing fee + permanent residency fee = $950
  • Protected person: processing fee = $635
  • Right of Permanent residence fee: $575

There are other programs available for immigration and they all conquer different fee structure. 

This marks the conclusion of this blog. We sincerely hope it was informative.

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