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According to the recent census, immigrants are now the largest section of the Canadian population. Canada Immigration in 2023 is guaranteed to maintain this trend. Almost one in four person in Canada is either a landed immigrant or a permanent resident. What is more, immigrants are expected to represent 29.1% to 34% of the Canadian population by the end of 2041.

What does this imply? This implies that Canada continues to and will continue to be a country that not only welcomes immigrants with open arms but also perceives them crucial to their economic and social growth. The Canadian population is continuously aging and the country still suffers from a negative population growth. This makes international skilled workers extremely crucial and indispensable for the Canadian labour market requirements. The role of immigrants to the Canadian labour market was highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Future of Canada Immigration

While in the year 2022, Canada has rigorously attempted to facilitate its recovering economy by resuming the Express Entry all program draws, and attempting to clear application backlog, Canada Immigration in 2023 looks extremely promising. 

Canada aims to welcome at least 465,000 permanent residents in the year 2023. This means that IRCC is not only going to aggressively work on clearing the existing backlog, but will also be undertaking measures to successfully invite 465,000 immigrants to the country. Out of  465,000 immigrants:

The target applications for Canada Immigration in 2023 can be best illustrated by the chart below.

Express Entry in the year 2023

Canada Immigration in 2023 will observe changes in the Express Entry system. With Bill-C19 coming in effect, IRCC is expected to reform the Express Entry system in 2023. To meet the specific labour market requirements, Express Entry will now hold targeted draws. This means that the Invitations to Apply issued in the rounds of invitations will no longer be based on the CRS score. They will now be based on the applicant’s experience in specific occupations, language proficiency, and academic background. 

In addition to this, all backlog due to the technical glitch caused by the implementation of NOC 2021 version 1.0 will also be cleared in 2023.

Physicians will now be able to apply for PR through Express Entry.

International Physicians temporarily employed in Canada worked on the “fee for service” model. As a result some physicians were considered self employed which made them ineligible to apply for PR through Express Entry. On 23rd September, 2022 IRCC announced that eligible physicians will now be able to apply through Express Entry and will be able to become permanent residents of the country.

Provincial Nominee Program in 2023

In the year 2023, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is set to invite the largest number of economic immigrants, almost 23000 more than the Express Entry program. This implies more PNP draws, and applicants having more opportunities to settle in the various Canadian provinces.

Canada Immigration in 2023 will be more inclusive than ever. This is the best time to plan and assess your chances and apply for Canada PR

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