Canadian Flag Facts- Meaning Behind the Colors & Symbol

Canadian Flag Facts- Meaning Behind the Colors & Symbol

Have you seen the red and white flag with a maple leaf on its center? Well, that’s the flag of the much loved country Canada. Adopted in 1965, the Canadian flag represents pride and unity, and of course the much loved maple leaf. 

But there’s more to the flag than just being red and white in color and hosting a maple leaf in the middle. Also, if you are going to Canada by using a Canadian work visa , it is best to understand some things about the country’s flag, right? 

So, let’s start knowing some fascinating Canadian flag facts. 

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5 Facts About the Canadian Flag 


The flag of Canada features a red maple leaf in its center. It is made up of two colors, red and white. Officially, the flag was adopted in 1965. 

The emblem of the maple leaf is one of the most used and widely recognized emblems in Canada. One can find this 11-points maple leaf on arms and coats across Canada.

Design Competition 

The Canadian flag known and recognized today was originally chosen by the public. A public competition was held where thousands and thousands of people submitted their designs of the Canadian flag. 

This competition highlights the value and importance of public participation in the making of a nation. 

National Identity 

If we take the symbolic meaning of the Canadian flag, its aim is to represent the struggle that Canada went through in order to free itself from British colonialism.  

Hence, the national identity of the Canadian flag is to represent the struggle against the British colonialist past. 

International Recognition 

People from around the world are able to recognize the Canadian flag at a glance. Why? Because of its distinct features and the famous maple leaf. 

The Canadian flag is internationally well-known and recognized. 

Cultural Importance

Since the Canadian flag is all about representing the diversity and values of Canada. The flag is all about pride and unity that Canada values and celebrates. 

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