Dubai Visa For Tourist From India!

Dubai Visa For Tourist From India! Minimum Budget Travel Tricks

Ever been to Burj Khalifa? If you haven’t yet then that’s a shame. So, you need to apply for a Dubai visa for tourist from India soon so that you can visit the world’s tallest building. 

Travel with this tourist visa from India to Dubai and you would be able to sightsee some of the most wonderful places on Earth only in Dubai. 

5 Tricks to Travel to Dubai on Minimum Budget 

Your goal is to travel to Dubai on a minimum budget, isn’t it? Then you must be wondering if it’s possible or not. Of course, IT IS! It is one hundred percent possible to be able to visit Dubai without emptying your wallet. 

Let’s discover those special tricks below! 

Book Your Flight Tickets in Advance 

Since you are already planning on visiting Dubai, you should also just book your flight tickets in advance too. Why wait in booking the tickets when you are confirmed that you would be going to the place anyway?

This will also help you in saving some money since you are booking the tickets much in advance and not in an urgency. 

Early Hotel Booking

Just like you booked your flight tickets in advance, you should also try to get your hotels booked way before your arrival in Dubai. When you make arrangements in advance, you are making sure to avoid the rush season when tourists are rushing to Dubai. 

Thus, making accommodations before time is a good, and affordable option. 

Since we are talking about accommodations, you could go for pocket-friendly accommodations instead of luxury hotels. 

Dubai is the kind of place where almost everything is luxurious so you can find yourself something budget friendly yet fancy. 

Use Public Transports 

When you are looking to travel on a budget, you should try to travel by public transport as much as possible. You understand the cost of traveling by private transport, don’t you? Then you also understand what we mean when we say to opt for public transport. 

Go for Group Tour Guides not Private Ones 

Traveling on a budget is possible if you choose pocket friendly options. For example, when you visit a new place, you surely must need someone to explain the historical references of the place or things like that. In such times, you would go for a tourist guide. 

WAIT! You cannot choose a private guide, they are really expensive! What should you go for is a public tourist guide. The ones that are guiding whole groups of tourists. 

Avoid Tourist Season 

If you avoid rush season when most of the tourists are planning on visiting Dubai, then you shouldn’t have much trouble in being able to visit the city on a budget. 

Hence, you have to avoid the winter season which is from November to February. However, you can easily visit this wonderful city in the summer. 

How much is a Dubai tour visa from India?

In case the Dubai tourist visa you are after is for 14-days only, then you don’t need to pay much. The cost of it is only ₹5,280+. Whereas for a 30 days tourist visa, the cost is ₹7,490+.

Is visa-on-arrival available for Indians in Dubai?

Yes, Indians can avail visa-on-arrival services. They would receive a visa in Dubai once they arrive, and it will let them stay in the city for around 14 days.

What are Dubai visa types?

There are many kinds of Dubai tourist visas. From a 48-hour visa, to the Tourist Long Term Visa, 96-hour visa, to tourist visa short term stay, etc. One can go for any visa as they wish and are eligible for.

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