NCA Exam is The Way To Practice Law in Canada

The NCA exam lets you, an LLB student from India, practice law in Canada. Now, wondering what’s the catch? There’s none! All you need to do is crack the NCA exam and you are good to go! You can also apply to become a good Canada immigration lawyer . Now, for further information, let’s take a look at the blog below where we cover many topics such as why NCA exams are important to crack for people who wish to be a lawyer in Canada and practice law.

What is the NCA Exam?

Whether you are an immigrant coming to Canada, a lawyer who studied law in their home country or even a citizen of Canada who was trained outside of Canada, NCA or the National Committee on Accreditation is going to assess you. 

The NCA basically assesses your abilities to practice law in Canada via an exam. So, what you have to do is crack that examination, and since you already have a degree you can now even practice your degree! 

Every foreign lawyer needs to apply to the NCA. After applying, the NCA will check their education and work experience, and then the internationally trained lawyer would receive a Certificate of Qualification. What’s so special about the Certificate of Qualification? It’s the key to gain access to the final stage of practicing law in any law jurisdiction society in any province! The Certificate of Qualification basically allows you to apply for a license so you could begin practicing law.

NCA Stands for- NCA Full Form

NCA stands for the National Committee on Accreditation. It’s a committee under the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. And, what does it do? Well, it assesses a number of things to permit individuals to practice law in Canada. Do you know that even if you are a lawyer who was trained outside of Canada, you still have the option to practice law in Canada IF you pass the exam of NCA?

Why You Should  Crack the NCA Exam

If you wish to get into any Canadian common law jurisdiction, then all you need to do is qualify the exam. The procedures of NCA are standard throughout the nation, hence, all lawyers across the country need to qualify the same exam. After that, they can easily enter law society bar admissions programs. However, even to appear in the bar council, you must clear this exam. 

Benefit of National Committee on Accreditation 

So, what are the perks of clearing the exam of the National Committee on Accreditation? It allows you to practice law in Canada while having your studies done from your home country! What could be a bigger benefit than that? By only passing a simple exam of NCA, you are eligible to practice law. 

To crack the exam, just do these things properly: 

  • Complete the assigned subjects from an approved Canadian law school. 
  • Pass the NCA exam

How is the NCA Exam Important for Law Practice in Canada?

After clearing the NCA exam, you get your Certificate of Qualification. And, as said before, this certificate proves that your qualifications and work experience qualifies you to practice law in Canada. 

After you receive the Certificate of Qualification, you also become eligible to apply for bar council admission. The bar council admission is also an easy test, so just go ahead and pass it.  Now, you are fully qualified to be a lawyer and practice in Canada. Okay, so remember, to get into bar council, crack the NCA exam. 

If you have been working for a while now in Canada, then you may also receive permanent residency in the province or territory you have been living in. 

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