How You Can Get a Canada Visa Online?

Canada Visa Online

There are many different reasons due to which Canada is an attractive option for many Indian travelers. A large chunk of people are trying to get a Canada work visa and they are looking for a reputable immigration consultancy that can lead them through the process. An immigration consultant will guide you through the process of getting a visa to Canada. There are different types of visas provided by the Canada government but here we will discuss how to get Canada visa online. 

Meaning of Canada Visa 

A Canada visa is a legal document that allows the foreign nationals to enter and stay in Canada for a specific period of time. It broadly depends on the purpose of your visit and what kind of visa you are going to hold. There are some common kinds of Canada visas that are described below:

Study Permit

It is a permit that allows the nationals of countries other than Canada to study in a reputable Canadian educational institution. 

Temporary Resident Visa

Another name of this type of visa is visitor visa, it is provided to the people who are willing to visit Canada for the purpose of travel and tour. Along with that you can also carry business and go with family.

Work Permit

As per the terms provided by this visa a foreign national can work in Canada for a certain duration and with a specific employer.

Permanent Resident Visa

This type of visa allows a foreign national to live permanently in Canada along with the right to live, work and study. 

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Process of Applying for Canada Visitor Visa

Described below is the process of applying for Canada visitor visa online which is as following:

  1. Visit Canadian government’s official website
  2. Select immigration and citizenship option 
  3. Once you are done click on Visit Category
  4. After that apply for the visitor visa option and click how to apply button
  5. Select apply online mode then click on the apply online for a visa
  6. Create your account
  7. Fill your Canada visa application 
  8. Now pay the fees online for application and biometric
  9. Upload all necessary documents 
  10. Then submit the visa application
  11. Book an appointment at the visa application center 
  12. Give your biometrics there
  13. Receive the call of a visa officer for an interview
  14. Once you are done giving successful interview, you are in waiting process for the visa being granted

It becomes really important to follow the instructions to get a specific kind of Canada visa online, to avoid any inconvenience it is very important to provide accurate information and documents. If you are willing to explore more information, then you can visit the official website of the Canadian government.

Here is the list of some important aspects due to which Canada is popular among the Indian travelers:

Natural Beauty

Canada is quite popular for its unmatchable natural beauty, the rocky mountains of the west and vast plains covered with lush greenery. Exquisite lakes and forests are heartwarming. Due to this natural beauty many Indian travelers are drowned towards Canada and also activities like hiking, skiing and camping are also lucrative options.


Canada is home to many good universities and colleges, which makes it a popular destination among Indian students who are seeking higher education. As it is a multicultural and welcoming country which makes it a good option for the students and also gives them the opportunity to meet people.

Opportunities of Employment

Canada’s job market is quite strong which makes it an attractive option for the workers who are seeking employment in different sectors.


Canada is well known for its multiculturalism and diversity, which makes it a hotspot for job seekers all around the world. Many Indians appreciate the welcoming and accepting culture of this country.  

Life Quality

When it comes to the quality of life and living standard then we can say that Canada ranks high globally, it provides quality of life, safety and healthcare to the people who are living there. Which makes it an attractive destination for the Indians seeking a high standard of living.

Why are Indians Applying for a Canada Visa?

There are different reasons due to which Indians are applying for Canada visa online:

Enhanced Job Opportunities

Canada has a good job market and low unemployment rate. A large chunk of Indian people apply for Canada visas to take advantage of the job opportunities which are available in different sectors like healthcare, technology etc.

Quality of Life

Canada is well known for high quality of life. It ranks high in terms of safety, education and healthcare etc sectors globally. Which makes it an important destination for the people seeking a better standard of living from India.


Canada is filled with many prestigious colleges and universities. Hence it provides a high quality of education and better research opportunities. You can apply for a student visa if you are willing to pursue your education from Canada.

Pathway to Immigration

It is a good pathway to immigration as you can easily get a Canada visa online by sitting in the leisure of your home. There are many pathways to immigrate to Canada such as Express Entry, PNPs and Family Programs, etc. 

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