How to Settle in Canada? Know the Complete Process

How to Settle in Canada

If you are an ambitious soul living in India then you are right with your decision to settle in Canada. Canada is a premium place to settle in, in terms of each and every aspect. It provides you with different job opportunities, medical services, free education, maternity care, etc. Every year, a large number of people which is around 500,000 (as per data gathered by Statista) immigrate to Canada and choose it as their permanent abode to settle in. There are many ways to immigrate to Canada. To know about “How to settle in Canada” a candidate requires the help of an immigration consultant who will guide you to know about the terms of, how to get permanent residence in Canada.

How to Settle in Canada From India?

Canada consists many immigrant policies that are described as below, the general overview of the process that helps you in migrating to Canada is as following:

  • Reaffirm your eligibility
  • Get your educational credential assessment
  • Make your express entry profile
  • Prepare your documents
  • Apply for visa within 60 days of getting an ITA
  • Go for medical examination and submit the reports
  • Finally, get your visa stamp

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Types of Immigration Programs to Canada

These points based immigration programs will help you settle in Canada. 

Benefits of Settling Permanently in Canada

These are the benefits of settling permanently in Canada:

  • It is a booming economy with a lot of job offers
  • Good quality of life and excellent medical treatment
  • High-quality education free of cost
  • A safe destination with a large space as Canada is second largest country
  • Social services are available here along with social security benefits
  • A multicultural liberal society which is welcoming to new people

India has historical significance of migrating to Canada. Canadian liberal society helps Indians to settle there, apart from that it also has cultural diversity, quality of life and work opportunities. If you want to settle in Canada from India then you have to get done with all your preparation. 

You must be acquiring an IELTS score for English language proficiency or efficiency in French language. If you want to settle permanently then the Federal Express Entry System is the best suited one for you.  It is a point based online immigration program. In this program candidates are selected on what they have scored. 

How to Settle in Canada With Family

In case you are an immigrant to Canada from India and you want to settle there with family then you have to consider a few more additional things when you are applying for Canada PR. You can apply through the Federal Express Entry System and Provincial Nominee Program. 

Through the Family Sponsorship program also you can settle in Canada. For example, if you have any family member living in Canada who can sponsor your moving to Canada then you can settle there.

In this program you get marks for your spouse’s credential. Apart from that you also need to keep in mind that you will require separate health and character certificates for the other members in your family. Family Sponsorship Program is a very essential program in this scenario.

How to Settle in Canada Without Study?

Through the Federal Skilled Trades Program you can settle in Canada without study unless you fulfill the skilled requirements. You must be having skilled trades experience, job offer or certificate of qualification and language eligibility. 

How to Settle in Canada With the Help of an Immigration Consultant

You need to put your trust into the consultant with whom you are going to immigrate.

  • Your profile will be created by them.
  • They will guide you with the best and most suitable immigration program.
  • The legal paperwork will be a transparent process.
  • If you have any missing documents then they will provide you with legal alternatives
  • They will provide you with language training.
  • Help you in calculating CRS score
  • Provide guidance for improving CRS score.


Is it easy to settle in Canada?

If we generally talk about this then it is not very difficult to settle in Canada. As it is a country that is open and welcoming to immigrants. It offers immigration programs which are easy to access.

Is it worth migrating to Canada from India?

Yes, if you have decided to move to Canada from India then keep these factors in mind:
Immigration policy
Long term plans
Cultural adjustment 
Quality of life 
Job opportunities
Cost of living

Which one is the most suited place to settle in Canada?

Every person’s needs change their priorities, hence it depends on the different needs of different people that which place they want to settle in Canada. Hence for your reference you can explore the different provinces of Canada and select the best suited for yourself. 

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