How to Use Job Bank Canada from India


Want to know how to use Job Bank of Canada from India? Then first sign into Job Bank to access its services! Do you know that Job Bank is actually the federal government’s platform for employers and employees in and outside of Canada to find one another.

Apart from that, one can find around 84,000 job postings every month! And about 1.45 million career profiles are viewed on a monthly basis! Hence, to say one can trust the Job Bank to find the right job would be correct. 

Now, let’s talk about how one can access Job Bank and its tools to look for suitable jobs in this blog! 

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Job Bank Canada

The Job Bank Canada is the dream place to find the right job according to your skills and experience. Using its varied tools and facilities, you can look for jobs in abroad for Indians easily and find them with minimal effort. The platform boasts having over 200,000 registered employers and more than 1.45 million career profiles viewed in a month alone. 

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Use the Job Bank to search for employment across Canada. Job Bank provides verified information that is collected vigorously from the job market and after analyzing the latest information. The employment trends of Canada and employment opportunities available across the country also plays a major role in providing quality information to users of Job Bank. 

How to Use Job Bank Canada from India:

We have prepared some easy steps to follow to know “how to use Job Bank Canada from India”. Take a look! 

Step 1- Put in User Details


The very first step consists of you creating an account on the Job Bank so access its various services and tools. So, start with entering your email and creating a password. Then choose the language of your choice. 

Your password must:

  • Be 8 characters (at least)
  • Have one number (at least)
  • Have one upper case letter (at least)
  • Have one lower case letter (at least)
  • Have one special character (at least)
  • Be same in both password fields

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Step 2- Confirmation Email


Now, you may see a confirmation email in your inbox. In the email, you’ll find  a confirmation code. Enter that code and click on “Continue”. 

Step 3- Security Questions

While setting up your account, you are asked to create different questions and answers. These are security questions so make sure you remember them or note them somewhere for later reference. 

After you are done with that, go ahead and finish the last step as well. 

Step 4- Get Familiarised

Now, you can look around the website, and customize the settings according to your needs. 

The Job Bank advises that you create a resume which needs to be according to the Canadian standard. Building a resume more suitable to Canadian tastes may increase your chances of finding employment as an Indian. 

Let’s talk about which services are available to you in Job Bank. 

Job Bank Canada Services

There are many tools available for easier employment search. The most basic services of Job Bank are:-

  • Find a Job – You can easily look for a job in both public and private sectors. Or, if you are trying to save time, just sign up for email alerts. 
  • Choose a Career – Not sure which career path is the right one for you? No worries, just take some quizzes and you can then determine which career path you may like to pursue. 
  • Explore the Market – From comparing which province pays the most to searching for the right location based on your suitability, this service also comes in hand to know the latest employment trends. 
  • Fill a Job – This service is actually for the employers. Without paying anything, employers can post their employment needs on the Job Bank. They also receive a list of profiles of potential employees, whom they can later on invite to apply. 

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What is Job Bank Canada?

Job Bank is the official job hunting website of the Canadian government. It works both for the employers as well as employees to help them find jobs in Canada. 

Who does the Job Bank target?

The Canada Job Bank targets- job seekers, students, youth, Canadian employers, newcomers to Canada, indigenous groups, researchers, and employment or education service providers.

Can I apply for Job Bank Canada from India?

Yes, you can apply for a job in Canada through the Job Bank from India. 

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