How to Apply for Canada Passport?


A Canadian passport is a symbol of Canadian citizenship which identifies you as a Canadian citizen. The passport includes the name of the passport holder, their photo, their personal information as well as a unique passport number. 

Traveling with a Canadian passport means you get to travel to a lot of countries visa-free! 

You can apply for a Canadian passport once you have attended the citizenship ceremony, taken the citizenship oath, and applied for and received your citizenship certificate. It is essential that you wait for the certificate before you go on applying for a passport. 

There are various ways to apply for a passport depending on where you are applying from. This blog will discuss how to apply for a Canadian passport from Canada and abroad. 

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Documents Required

  • Proof of citizenship- you must have either a Canadian birth certificate or a citizenship certificate
  • Valid travel document of a Canadian passport- you could submit the original or the photocopy of your refugee travel document or certificate of identity
  • A document that supports your identity- if you are not providing the original document of your ID, make sure that you show both sides of the document. Moreover, it must be signed as well as dated by either your guarantor or a signing official.
  • 2 identical passport photos- on the back of any one of the photos, the photographer has to write their name, address, and the date on which they took the photo. It is essential that the guarantor signs the back of the photo.

Additional Documents

These may be asked, if you:

  • are changing your name
  • omitting your birth-place on your passport
  • Updating your gender identifier on your passport
  • are replacing your lost, stolen, or damaged passport

The documents that you will be providing must either be in English or French. If they are not in the required language, provide their official translation.

Apply for Canada Passport: In Canada


Step 1- Complete the Form

Fill out the adult passport application (PPTC 153) and sign each of its pages. If you provide your email address in the application, it will make it easier for you to track the status of your application later on. 

In the application, you will find section 4 (Period of validity). Under this section, you must mention if you require a passport that lasts for the next 5 years or 10. 

If the passport you submitted has a visa in it and you need the passport back, inform the authorities via the application form. Otherwise the visa will be destroyed along with the passport.   

Step 2- Gather Necessary Documents

You need to collect the required documents and then submit them along with the application form. Refer to the above provided document checklist for the same.

Step 3- Find References

In the application, make sure to include any 2 references. The references should have known you for at least 2 years and they must not be your family members. 

Step 4- Pay the Fee

If you are applying from inside Canada, you cannot pay the fee online.

If you are applying by mail:
Passport TypeFee
5-year passportCAN$120
10-year passportCAN$160
Child’s passport (those aged 0 to 15 years)CAN$57

The Canadian authorities won’t issue you a refund if you:

  • canceled your application
  • were refused to receive a travel document
  • were issued a passport with a validity period less than what you requested 

Step 5- Submit the Application

Once you pay the fee, you need to mail the application along with the payment receipt.  

  • Mailing address (non-courier)

Government of Canada

Passport Program

Gatineau, Quebec  K1A 0G3

  • Courier address

Government of Canada

Passport Program

22 De Varennes Street

Gatineau, Quebec  J8T 8R1

Step 6- Get the Passport

Once your passport is ready, you can pick it up from the office you applied to. In case you applied by mail, the authorities will mail you the passport and all the original documents back. 

Ifyou are moving within 30 days of applying for a passport, contact the authorities and update them about your new mailing address. This also applies in case you haven’t received your passport. 

Apply for Canada Passport: From Abroad

Step 1- Complete the application form PPTC 040 and don’t forget to mention whether you want a 5-year or 10-year passport under section 6 (Period of validity). 

Step 2- Gather all the necessary documents as mentioned above. 

Step 3- Find a guarantor and 2 references

A guarantor will sign your application, one of the passport photos, and all copies of supporting identity documents. 

Your 2 references must know you for at least 2 years, and must not be a guarantor or a family member of yours.

Step 4- Pay the Fee

You can either pay online or at a Canadian embassy or consulate in your country. 

Passport TypeFee
5-year passportCAN$190
10-year passportCAN$260
Child’s passport (those aged 0 to 15 years)CAN$100

Step 5- Once you pay the fee, you need to submit the application along with the payment receipt to the closest office of the Government of Canada. 

Step 6- Once your passport is ready, you can pick it up from the office you applied to. In case you applied by mail, the office will mail you the passport. 

Processing Time

Applying FromKind of ServiceSubmissionProcessing Time
CanadaRegular ServiceIn person10+ Business Days
By mail20+ Business Days
Outside Canada20+ Business Days

Canada Passport Fees

Below, we have listed down the Canadian passport fees:

Passport TypeFee
When applying from inside Canada
5-year Adult PassportCAN$120
10-year Adult PassportCAN$160
Child’s Passport (those aged 0 to 15 years)CAN$57
Urgent Pick-up (by end of next business day)CAN$110
Express Pickup (within 2-9 business days)CAN$50
Standard Pickup (on/after 10 business days)CAN$20
Weekend or statutory holidayCAN$335
Passport TypeFee
When Applying from Outside Canada
5-year passportCAN$190
10-year passportCAN$260
Child’s passport (those aged 0 to 15 years)CAN$100
For Urgent Requests
Temporary passportCAN$110
10-year passport & temporary passportCAN$370
5-year passport & temporary passportCAN$300
Child passport and temporary passportCAN$210
Interim passportCAN$135
Passport TypeFee
Additional Fees
For lost or stolen passportCAN$45
Certified true copy of 1 page of passport (1-3 copies)CAN$45
File transfer (to another passport office)CAN$45
For Urgent Requests
Retention of a valid passportCAN$45
Temporary passport exchange feeCAN$20
Addition of special stampCAN$45
Addition of an observationCAN$45

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How long does it take to get a Canadian passport? 

It depends on the type of passport you applied for. If you applied for an urgent pickup, you should get the passport the next business day. 

What is the fastest way to get a Canadian passport?

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