Part-Time Jobs for Students in Canada 2024


Jobs for students in Canada provide them with financial stability and more career opportunities. On the other hand, working in Canada as an international student comes with enhanced professional experience including high salary packages.

Canada offers a wide range of career opportunities to students across the world. Thus, there are plenty of jobs waiting for you in Canada if you are a student looking to skyrocket your career internationally! 

Part-Time Jobs for Students in Canada

Here are the top part-time jobs for students in Canada. 

  1. Tutor
  2. Freelancer 
  3. Waiter/ Barista 
  4. Research Assistant
  5. Sales Associate
  6. Receptionist
  7. Customer Service Representative
  8. Uber Driver 
  9. Data Entry Clerk
  10. Administrative Assistant

High-Paying Jobs in Canada for Students

Studying overseas in a country like Canada, with its expensive tuition fees, can take a toll on your budget. One way to make the experience more affordable is by finding an on or off-campus job where you can earn money to cover costs such as rent and food. 

1. Tutor (CAD 21.84 Per Hour)

If you have an interest in a subject and enjoy teaching others, tutoring could be the perfect part-time job for you. You can tutor students at any level: elementary school or college—it doesn’t matter!

You can choose to do this on your own or join a tutoring program at school. Either way, practicing the skills you already have will make them stronger, and learning new ones is always beneficial!

A tutor’s pay is entirely dependent on the subject, and some tutors earn up to $50.00 an hour if their expertise in a difficult area is required by employers or clients. If you’re interested in becoming a tutor, it’s best to do some research into what other tutors charge so that you don’t undercut them.

2. Freelancer (CAD 23 Per Hour)

Freelancers perform various jobs: writers, web designers (and programmers), graphic artists—the list goes on and is limited only by the imagination of individuals.

Freelancing is also a good option for individuals who have a hard time working under someone. On the other hand, this comes with unlimited independence in work. Thus, many students prefer freelancing as a source to earn money. 

3. Waiter or Barista (CAD 16 Per Hour + Tips)

Although a job as a waiter or barista is one of the most common for students, many times it requires working nights and weekends.

While waiters or baristas don’t make a lot of money per hour, they are rewarded for their hard work with tips. Depending on how many drinks customers order, bartenders can make anywhere from $75—200 at the end of each shift (and sometimes much more).

In Canada, a 15-20% tip is standard. However, the rate depends on where you are working.

4. Research Assistant (CAD 21 Per Hour)

Research Assistant works under the supervision of faculty members or researchers. Day-to-day work includes reviewing literature, collecting and analyzing data, and contributing to the overall progress of research initiatives. 

This part-time job may help students build experience in research methods, networking opportunities with academic professionals, and skill development.

Students with this work posting may work on campus, in their university, career department, or even on an online job portal.

5. Sales Associate (CAD 16.65 Per Hour)

For people who are good at talking to others, working in sales can be an excellent way to make money and build skills.

Depending on the nature of your job, payment can be variable. Some businesses offer commission-based sales—which give you more control over the amount that you make each month—while others have a salary cap in place to limit worker compensation during tough times.

6. Receptionist (CAD 18.74 Per Hour)

Students working as a receptionist in Canada greet visitors, answer phones, and do other helpful tasks. It’s a good way for students to earn some money while learning new things and being friendly to visitors and guests. 

Besides this, these kinds of jobs allow students to gain practical work experience which helps them in the competitive job market after graduation while providing a chance to earn some extra money to cover living expenses or save for future goals. 

7. Customer Service Representative (CAD 17.95 Per Hour)

Customer Service Representative-type jobs are the best jobs for students in Canada. This profile requires students to assist customers, answer their questions, and solve issues. 

This job can not only help students build some side income but also help them develop strong communication and problem-solving skills. In addition, Customer service roles also teach important lessons about patience, empathy, and teamwork. 

8. Uber Driver (CAD 20.59 Per Hour)

With Uber and Lyft, two rideshare apps, students can make money by driving others around.

An Uber driver must be 21 years old, have a car in good condition, and have a working smartphone. It is best to drive during peak hours which are early mornings, evenings, or weekends.

If there are a lot of students in an area, you can make more money as a driver or bartender on weekends. Of course, this also depends on how often and well people tip you.

9. Data Entry Clerk (CAD 20.13 Per Hour)

A Data Entry Clerk job in Canada is a great choice for a part-time job for students because this role allows students to manage information in databases and spreadsheets. On the other hand, this can be a great advantage for students who are willing to grow in the field of data management. 

This position allows students to balance work and studies while earning a great amount of money for their living expenses.  

10. Administrative Assistant (CAD 23.71 Per Hour)

An Administrative Assistant job in Canada is good for students who look to grow in general administrative duties. This position for students helps them gain practical office experience, and develop organizational and multitasking skills. 

Later on, students can open doors for working in various industries, such as IT, Business and Hospitality, etc. Thus, working as an Administrative Assistant not only provides financial support for students but also builds their skills for the future.

Benefits of students after part-time Jobs in Canada

For many international students, working part-time is one way of meeting expenses while studying abroad. Because you cannot commit to working full-time, it would be great if you could find part-time jobs that pay well and offer flexible work schedules.

  • Gain financial independence
  • Skyrocket career opportunities
  • Gain professional work experience
  • Learn to manage finance 
  • Enhanced network opportunities 
  • Polish your English communication 
  • Experience diverse culture 
  • Experience international exposure 
  • High salary packages 
  • Build soft and hard skills
  • Understand the international job market 
  • Get a work permit later 

Additional Jobs in Canada for Students

There are various other jobs available in Canada for students. Check out below: 

  • Teacher’s assistant
  • Dog walker
  • Translator
  • Tour Guide
  • Residence advisor 
  • Nanny 
  • Delivery Driver 
  • Snow Removal/Landscaping

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1. What are good jobs for students in Canada?

ANS: The best jobs for students in Canada are:  1. Tutor 2. Freelancer 3. Waiter 4. Research Assistant 5. Sales Associate 6. Receptionist 7. Customer Service Representative. 

2. How much can a student earn in Canada?

ANS: An international student in Canada can earn up to CAD 15 to CAD 75 per hour based on their qualification and skill set. However, the minimum wage ranges from CAD 11.45 to CAD 22.50 per hour. 

3. How can I get a job in Canada as a student?

ANS: As an International student pursuing a full-time program from a recognized Designated Learning Institution (DLI), you are eligible to work part-time in Canada either on campus or off campus. But students are allowed to work 20 hours per week only. 

4. Which job has the highest salary in Canada?

ANS: Jobs in Information Technology, Business Administration, Science, and Finance sectors have the highest salaries in Canada. 

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