Understanding the Administrative Assistant NOC Code 13110

Understanding the Administrative Assistant NOC Code 13110

The previous code of administrative assistant NOC code was NOC code 1241, however, the new one is 13110 NOC. So, throughout this blog, we will mention the updated version of the NOC code and provide information about it as well. 

There are several jobs in abroad for Indians , especially under this NOC code. One can look for administrative assistant jobs in Canada using NOC code 13110. However, they first must know what are the job roles and responsibilities one has to perform, and the requirements of a candidate. Along with that, they should also get an understanding of the income of an administrative assistant and which provinces have most job opportunities. After knowing this important information, they would be able to make a better decision regarding their career. 

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Brief Job Description of Administrative Assistants 

The NOC code 13110 is for administrative assistants, which means administrative assistant NOC code 13110 is for this job profile. These assistants perform administrative tasks to support managerial and professional employers. Administrative assistants have no problem in finding jobs in both public and private sectors. 

Next, we will take a look at skills that an administrative assistant should possess to find themselves a nice job. 

Skill Requirements 

The wide categories of skills required are:-

  • Communication skills
  • Analysis skills 
  • Management skills 

In terms of communication skills, they should have:

  • Liaising and Networking
  • Advising and Consulting
  • Professional Communicating

When it comes to analysis skills, they should have:

  • Planning
  • Projecting Outcomes
  • Analyzing Information

In terms of management skills, they should be able to:

  • Coordinating and Organizing

Needed Knowledge

Administrative assistants need to have a wide scope of knowledge in terms of:-

  • Business Management
  • Business, Finance and Management
  • Personnel and Human Resources
  • Business Administration

Job Positions Included 

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant – Office
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Appointment Secretary
  • Church Secretary
  • Contracts Secretary
  • Executive Secretary (Except Legal And Medical)
  • Finance Secretary
  • Human Resources Administrator
  • Human Resources Administrator – Canadian Armed Forces
  • Human Resources Secretary
  • Loans And Grants Administrative Assistant
  • Office Administrative Assistant
  • Personal Secretary
  • Private Secretary
  • Recording Secretary
  • Sales Secretary
  • School Secretary
  • Secretary (Except Legal And Medical)
  • Secretary-Clerk
  • Taxation Service Secretary
  • Technical Secretary

Job Positions Excluded 

  • 12110- Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists and Related Occupations
  • 12100- Executive Assistants
  • 13111- Legal Administrative Assistants
  • 13112- Medical Administrative Assistants
  • 13100- Administrative Officers

What duties do they perform? 

Do you want to know what duties administrative assistants have to perform? There are some of the main tasks given below! 

  • Since their job position is on an administrative level, they have to supervise other workers. 
  • Along with supervising other workers, they also train them. 
  • They come up with office routines and procedures and establish them. 
  • Arranging and coordinating conferences and seminars is something they have to do. 
  • If there are electronic inquiries, they answer them too. 
  • Recording and preparing minutes of meetings, conferences, and seminars falls under their job duty. 
  • They have to make travel arrangements, which includes making reservations and getting itineraries. 
  • They schedule and confirm appointments. 
  • Compilation of statistics, data, and other information is their work. 
  • They need to take telephone calls, and messages. 
  • Administrative assistants also greet people and guide them to services or contact areas. 
  • They need to set up computerized information filing systems and maintain them as well. 
  • If the need arises, they order office supplies, and along with that, they maintain inventory. 
  • Administrative assistants types and also proofread forms, correspondence, and other important documents. 
  • They open and then distribute electronic incoming mail as well as other necessary materials, and coordinate the information flow. 

Employment Requirements 

  • An administrative assistant should at least have completed their secondary education. 
  • Those on the job post of an administrative assistant or secretary need to have completed at least one/two years of college. 


  • They must have some past clerical experience. 

What’s their Income? 

An average administrative assistant has the chance to earn around $24 in an hour in Canada. While those with more years of work experience and better perfected skills can also earn around $34 per hour. 

Which Provinces have Job Opportunities?

Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario have the most number of jobs for administrative assistants available. Other than them, Quebec and Saskatchewan are also in need of administrative assistants. So, if you are looking for a job in Canada as an administrative assistant, this might be a good chance for you. 

We hope this blog has been helpful to you and may help you find the right place to work in Canada as an administrative assistant. Now, you also know the NOC code of administrative assistant using which you can easily look for jobs for yourself. 

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What are the job responsibilities of NOC Code 13110?

There are several important job responsibilities of NOC code 13110 which includes, training and supervising other workers, and managing office routines and procedures, etc. 

What’s the salary of an administrative assistant in Canada? 

In a year, an administrative assistant in Canada can earn more than $61,000. This is the average pay, the exact number depends on the province they are working in and other factors. 

Which province in Canada has the most number of jobs for administrative assistants?

Currently, Alberta has around 1,500 job vacancies open for administrative assistants. 

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