0601 NOC Code: Become a Corporate Sales Managers in Canada!

0601 NOC Code – Corporate Sales Manager

Corporate sales managers fall under 0610 NOC Code (now 60010 NOC Code according to the new version of NOC Code). So, if you are interested in getting a job abroad in the field of corporate sales manager then this blog is for you. Here we will give all information about 60010 NOC Code. 

Corporate Sales Managers’ Job Description 

Corporate sales managers plan, organize, direct, regulate, and assess the activities of commercial, industrial, institutional, e-business, wholesale, and retail institutions and departments. Commercial, industrial, wholesale, and retail trade establishments employ them.

What Duties Do They Carry Out? 

This group is responsible for some of the following duties: 

  • Plan, oversee, and assess the sales department’s operations in commercial, industrial, wholesale, retail, and other enterprises.
  • Set up divisional and regional sales operations.
  • Specify the organization’s sales policies and practices.
  • Analyze the strategic strategy pertaining to new product lines
  • Manage contract negotiations while leading the sales team in developing relationships with business clients.
  • Recruit, coordinate, train, and manage personnel
  • May collaborate with the marketing division to comprehend and convey marketing messages to the field

Skills Requirement Checklist

For becoming corporate sales managers the wide category of skills requires that are mentioned below:

Skills RequiredSub Skills 
Communication Promoting and Selling, Professional Communicating, Liaising and Networking
AnalysisAnalyzing Information, Planning, Projecting Outcomes
ManagementSupervising, Recruiting and Hiring, Coordinating and Organizing, Allocating and Controlling Resources, Strategic Planning

Knowledge Requirement Checklist

Corporate sales manager need to have various range of knowledge such as:

Knowledge Requirements
Manufacturing and ProductionProcessing and Production
Communications and TransportationCommunications and Media
Business, Finance and Management Client Service, Marketing Sales Personnel and Human Resources, Business Administration, Business Management

Job Title Included under 60010 NOC Code

  • Account manager – sales
  • Area sales manager
  • Channel sales manager
  • Commercial accounts manager
  • Corporate sales manager
  • Distribution manager – sales
  • Divisional sales manager
  • Sales administrator
  • Sales and distribution manager
  • Sales director (except retail and wholesale)
  • Sales district manager (except insurance and real estate)
  • Sales manager (except retail and wholesale)
  • Sales planning manager
  • Territory manager – sales
  • Trade expansion manager
  • Zone manager – sales
  • Electronic commerce (e-commerce) sales manager
  • Export sales manager
  • Field sales manager
  • Key accounts manager – sales
  • National accounts manager – sales
  • National sales manager
  • Package tour sales manager
  • Product manager
  • Regional manager – sales
  • Regional sales director
  • Regional sales manager
  • Retail district manager

Job Title Excluded under 60010 NOC Code

  • 10022 – Advertising, marketing and public relations managers 
  • 60020 – Retail and wholesale trade managers 
  • 00014 – Senior managers – trade, broadcasting and other services 
  • 62100 – Technical sales supervisor 

Employment Requirements

This is often required for the job.

Typically, a university degree or college diploma in business or a similar discipline with a specialization in sales, as well as several years of experience as a sales representative or in a related sector, are required.

What is Their Income?

In Canada, a corporate sales manager can expect to make about $27.40 per hour on average. Those who have more years of experience in the workforce and more refined talents can also make about $87.18 per hour. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NOC 0601 in high demand in Canada?

The 0621 NOC code demand in Canada (NOC-0601/60010) is widespread across the country. The National Occupational Classification (NOC) highlighted the demand for specific occupations and jobs across Canada.

What exactly is a 0601 NOC category?

Corporate sales managers plan, organize, direct, regulate, and assess the activities of commercial, industrial, institutional, e-business, wholesale, and retail institutions and departments.

Is NOC 0601 in demand in Ontario?

Corporate sales managers (NOC 0601) will have a moderate job outlook in Ontario from 2022 to 2024.

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