Exploring the Core Responsibilities and Skills of 0125 NOC Code!

Other business service managers fall under the group of 0125 NOC Code, however according to the most recent edition of NOC codes, it is now 10029 NOC Code. If you want to get a job abroad in this field then you will be glad to know that here you will find everything you need to know!

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Job Description: 0125 NOC Code

Other business services managers plan, organize, direct, control, and assess the operations of businesses that give services to others, as well as ensuring the quality of those services and client satisfaction. Management consultancy, market research, personnel and payroll services, contact center services, and security services are some of the jobs they do.

Core Responsibilities

This group is responsible for some or all of the following responsibilities:

  • Plan, organize, direct, control, and evaluate the operations of businesses that offer services including management consulting, market research, personnel and payroll services, contact center services, and security services.
  • Plan, develop, and organize these establishments’ policies and processes.
  • Create action plans, offer expertise in response to customer demands, and provide assistance and advice to project teams.
  • Staff should be directed and advised in the creation and implementation of service quality assessment strategies.
  • Budgets for client projects, contracts, equipment, and supplies are planned, administered, and controlled.
  • Represent the company in a variety of economic and social organizations.
  • Assist employees with administrative or technological issues.
  • Hire, train, and monitor employees.

Core Skills

Skills Required
Advising and Consulting, Professional Communicating, Liaising and Networking
Analyzing Information, Planning, Researching and Investigating, Projecting Outcomes
 Supervising, Recruiting and Hiring, Coordinating and Organizing, Leading and Motivating, Strategic Planning

Knowledge Requirements

Other business service managers need some knowledge requirements such as: 

Knowledge Requirements
Business, Finance and ManagementClient Service, Marketing, Personnel and Human Resources, Accounting, Business Administration, Business Management

Job Titles Included under 0125 NOC Code

  • Accounting firm manager
  • Accounting firm manager – business services
  • Assistant vice-president – trade, broadcasting and other services
  • Audit firm manager
  • Auditing firm manager
  • Call center manager
  • Conference development manager
  • Conference services manager
  • Contact center manager
  • Customs manager – business services
  • Payroll service manager
  • Personnel agency manager
  • Personnel consulting service manager
  • Placement agency manager
  • Placement office manager
  • Private investigation and security service manager
  • Professional services manager – business services
  • Security service manager
  • Surface land administration manager
  • Survey research service manager
  • Well and facilities asset manager
  • Detective agency manager
  • Employment agency manager
  • Employment office manager
  • Energy asset joint venture manager
  • Land contracts manager
  • Legal firm manager
  • Management consulting service manager
  • Management services division head – business services
  • Market research service manager
  • Methods and procedures manager
  • Mineral land administration manager
  • Mineral land and contract manager
  • Nursing registry manager
  • Organizational methods analysis director
  • Organizational methods analysis director – business services
  • Organizational methods analysis manager
  • Organizational planning and development director
  • Organizational services head

Job Titles Excludes under 0125 NOC Code

Advertising, marketing and public relations managers – 10022 

Architecture and science managers – 20011

Banking, credit and other investment managers – 10021

Computer and information systems managers – 20012

Engineering managers – 20010

Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers – 10020

Senior managers – financial, communications and other business services – 00012

Employment Requirements 

  • Typically, a bachelor’s degree or a college diploma in a discipline connected to the business service offered is required.
  • Typically, several years of experience in a field linked to the business service supplied is required.
  • Some company service managers may be needed to get licenses, certificates, or registration. Accounting company managers, for example, typically require accounting qualification.
  • Business administration studies at the university level may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NOC 0125 in high demand in Canada?

Other business services managers (NOC 0125) will have a favorable job outlook in Alberta from 2022 to 2024. 

What is the job description for a 0125 NOC?

Plan, develop, and organize these establishments’ policies and processes. Create action plans, respond to customer demands with knowledge, and support and advice project teams.

What exactly is a 0125 NOC category?

0125 – Other business service manager

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