Getting a Job in Canada Under 2283 NOC Code! Here’s How!

Information systems testing technicians fall under 2283 NOC Code, Now 22222 NOC Code according to the 2021 NOC Code version. They carry out test programmes in order to evaluate the performance of software applications and information and telecommunications systems. If you want to get a job abroad in this field then make sure to check this informative blog!

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About Information Systems Testing Technicians

Information systems testing technicians carry out test plans to evaluate the performance of software applications and information and telecommunications systems. They work in information technology departments in both the business and public sectors.

Main Duties under 2283 NOC Code

This group is responsible for some or all of the following tasks:

  • Create and document software testing plans.
  • Install software and hardware, as well as setup operating system software, in preparation for testing.
  • Execute, analyze, and document the outcomes of software application, video game as well as information and telecommunications system tests.
  • Create and implement software and information system testing rules, methods, and scripts.
  • Identify, report, track, and provide remedies to product defects.

Skills and Knowledge are Required to Get a Job Under 2283 NOC Code

Skills Checklist: 

The following skills are required for this occupation such as:

Skills Required
Working with Technological Equipment and MachineryTechnical System Debugging and Reprogramming
Technical Infrastructure Installation and Configuration
Information Handling Professional Communicating
Information Handling Processing Information
AnalysisExamining and Testing
Information Evaluation
Knowledge Checklist: 

Information systems testing technicians need wide range of knowledge such as: 

Knowledge Required
Communications and TransportationTelecommunications
Engineering and TechnologyComputer and Information Systems

Included Job Titles

  • Application tester
  • Application testing technician
  • Quality assurance analyst – information systems
  • Quality assurance tester – information systems
  • Software test coordinator
  • Software tester
  • Software testing technician
  • Systems tester
  • Systems testing technician
  • Test coordination analyst
  • User acceptance tester
  • Video game tester

Excluded Job Titles

  • 21221- Business systems specialists 
  • 21311- Computer engineers 
  • 22220- Computer network and web technicians 
  • 21230- Computer systems developers and programmers
  • 21220- Cyber Security specialists
  • 21222- Information systems specialists
  • 21232- Software developers and programmers
  • 21231- Software engineers and designers
  • 22221- User support technicians 
  • 21233- Web designers
  • 21234- Web developers and programmers 

Employment Requirements under 2283 (22222) NOC Code

  • Typically, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer programming, or network administration is necessary.
  • In most cases, college or other courses in computer programming or network management are required.
  • Some employers may need software vendor certification or training.
Further Information

With experience, it is feasible to advance to computer programming, interactive media creation, Web development, or systems analysis.

What’s Their Income?

In Canada, an average information systems testing technician can expect to earn around $14.50 per hour. While, those with more years of experience and better-honed talents can earn around $48.08 per hour. 

Which Provinces Offer Job Opportunities?

Information systems testing technicians, NOC 2283 ( 22222 NOC Code) in Ontario have a promising employment outlook from 2022 to 2024.

The following variables impact this outlook:

  • New positions will be created as a result of increased employment.
  • Due to retirements, a modest number of posts will open up.
  • Few unemployed employees with recent experience in this field are now employed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there demand for 2282 NOC?

In Ontario, the employment outlook for Information systems testing technicians (NOC 2283) is expected to be fair between 2022 and 2024.

How much does a NOC 22222 earn in Canada?

In Canada, the national average income for a NOC Analyst is $53,290.

What exactly is NOC code 22222?

Technicians in information systems testing carry out test programs to evaluate the performance of software applications as well as information and telecommunications systems.

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