How to Land a Job as a HR Professional under 1121 NOC Code?

1121 NOC Code – Human Resource Professionals, Now 11200 NOC Code according to the 2021 NOC Code version. 

Getting a job abroad is a dream of many. So, if you are eagerly wanting a job in the HR professional field then you have a great chance to become a HR professional under 1121 NOC Code of Canada. Here we will discuss how to land as a HR professional in Canada by providing their main duties, skills requirements, Education criteria. READ ON

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NOC 11200 – About HR Professional

Human resources professionals create, administer, and evaluate human labor and resource relations policies, programs, and processes, as well as provide human resources advice to organizations and employees. They work in both the private and public sectors and may be self-employed.

Main Duties to Perform

1121 NOC Code group is responsible for some or all of the following duties:

  • Plan, design, implement, and evaluate human resources and labor relations strategies, such as policies, programmes, and processes, to meet an organization’s human resource needs
  • Interpret human resource policies, compensation and benefit programmes, and collective bargaining agreements for businesses and employees
  • Negotiate collective bargaining agreements on behalf of employers or employees, mediate labor disputes and grievances, and provide employee and labor relations advice
  • Investigate and create occupational classifications, job descriptions, wage scales, and competency assessment tools and systems
  • Plan and manage staffing, overall pay, training and career development, employee assistance, employment equity, and affirmative action programmes
  • Manage programmes and keep human resources information and records up to date
  • Hire and train employees
  • Coordination of employee performance appraisal programmes
  • Investigate employee benefit and health and safety practices and make revisions or improvements to existing policies
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Skills Requirements to land job as a HR professional

The following skills are necessary for this occupation.

Skills Requirements
Professional Communication, Cooperation and networking, Negotiating and adjudicating
Information Evaluation, Planning, Predicting Results
Recruiting and Hiring, Coordination and Organisation, Evaluating, Strategic Planning

Employment Criteria for HR Professionals

For landing as a HR Professionals under 1121 NOC Code the following employment criteria must be fulfilled:

  • A university degree or college diploma in human resources management or a similar discipline, such as business administration, industrial relations, commerce, or psychology, is essential, as is completion of a professional development programme in human resources administration.
  • Some employers may require human resources professionals to be Certified Human Resources Professionals (CHRP).

Included Job Titles

  • Bargaining agent
  • Benefits consultant
  • Certified disability management professional
  • Claims manager – compensation and benefits
  • Classification officer – human resources
  • Classification policy adviser
  • Classification specialist
  • Collective agreement negotiator
  • Compensation and benefits coordinator
  • Compensation and classification analyst
  • Compensation consultant
  • Compensation officer
  • Compensation research analyst
  • Compensation researcher-analyst
  • Conciliation officer – employee relations
  • Conciliator
  • Conciliator – labor
  • Salary analyst
  • Senior industrial relations officer
  • Senior negotiating officer – labor dispute resolution
  • Staff relations administrator
  • Staff relations officer
  • Staff training and development officer
  • Staff training and development supervisor
  • Staff training coordinator
  • Staff training officer – human resources
  • Training adviser
  • Training and development consultant
  • Training programs supervisor
  • Union adviser
  • Union organizer
  • Union representative
  • Wage analyst
  • Disability case manager – human resources
  • Disability management coordinator
  • Disability management practitioner
  • Disability management professional
  • Disability management specialist
  • Employee relations officer
  • Employee services officer
  • Employer-employee relations coordinator
  • Employment adviser – human resources
  • Employment equity adviser – human resources
  • Employment equity coordinator
  • Employment equity officer
  • Employment practices officer
  • Labor adjudicator
  • Labor organization agent
  • Labor organization business agent
  • Labor organization business representative
  • Labor organization liaison officer
  • Labor organization negotiator
  • Labor organizer
  • Labor relations board officer
  • Labor relations consultant
  • Labor relations coordinator
  • Labor relations officer
  • Labor relations returning officer
  • Labor relations specialist
  • Labor union business agent
  • Labor union liaison officer
  • Mediator
  • Mediator – labor relations
  • Occupational analyst – human resources
  • Personnel research officer
  • Personnel standards officer
  • Position classifier
  • Human resources adviser
  • Human resources classification officer
  • Human resources consultant
  • Human resources coordinator
  • Human resources coordinator – Canadian armed forces
  • Human resources generalist
  • Human resources management consultant
  • Human resources planning consultant
  • Human resources policy analyst
  • Human resources policy officer
  • Human resources program supervisor
  • Human resources research officer
  • Human resources specialist
  • Human resources supervisor
  • Industrial relations consultant
  • Industrial relations officer
  • In-house training manager
  • Job analyst
  • Job and wage analyst
  • Job classification system analyst
  • Job evaluation analyst
  • Job evaluation supervisor
  • Job evaluator

Excluded Job Titles

12101 – Human resources and recruitment officers 

10011 – Human resources managers 

14102 – Personnel clerks 

11201 – Professional occupations in business management consulting 

41210 – Training officer 

Here are two of the most common ways to enter Canada: Canada Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

1. Canada Express Entry

This is Canada’s major immigration system, in charge of three categories that all give permanent residency in the country. As an HR manager or professional, you can be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Canadian Experience Class. The following are the prerequisites for each program:

  • HR Managers are required to meet federal skilled worker requirements
  • 67 FSWP points minimum out of a possible 100
  • You must have had at least one year of full-time continuous job experience in the last ten years (not required)
  • Results of the CLB level 7 language test in English and/or French
  • Relevant educational certification with Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) if obtained outside of Canada
  • Proof of sufficient funds to pay your and your family’s relocation to Canada
  • You must be eligible to enter Canada
2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

These programs enable provinces and territories to invite newcomers with the skills, experience, and education required to meet local labor market demands. Each province/territory has its own Provincial Nominee Program streams with various eligibility standards, and in some situations, individuals with experience in specific NOC jobs may be encouraged to apply for PR. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is NOC 1121 in high demand?

Human resources specialists (NOC 1121) will have an excellent job outlook in Ontario from 2022 to 2024.

What are the responsibilities of NOC 2175?

Develop and document Web site needs in consultation with clients. Mock-ups and storyboards should be created. Develop the architecture of the website and determine the hardware and software needs.

What is the NOC code for a human resources manager?

11200 – Human resources professionals

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