What Immigration Programs Can I Apply For?

What Immigration Programs Can I Apply For? 9 Successful Ways!

When one thinks, “What immigration programs can I apply for,” we are ready to tell them about the various immigration programs available! Though there are more than 9 ways to immigrate to Canada, we will focus on the main ones for now. Also, some of these programs may even open up the opportunity to get Canada PR for you. Wouldn’t that be amazing! 

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What Immigration Programs Can I Apply For? 

Take a look at the immigration programs provided below! Moreover, these are the most popular ways to immigrate to Canada. 

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1. Express Entry

Express Entry is the main federal immigration program of Canada that lets skilled workers from all over the world immigrate to Canada. Those who are interested in immigrating to Canada via Express Entry can create a profile online and submit it as an Expression of Interest (EOI). Express Entry conducts draws regularly to invite eligible candidates for Canada PR, and if a candidate receives an invitation, they have around 60 days to submit their application for permanent residence. 

2. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program 

International graduates and foreign skilled workers can immigrate to Canada using the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. Moreover, candidates can also get permanent residency in Canada through this program. 

3. Federal Skilled Worker Program 

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program invites thousands of people to immigrate to Canada on an annual basis. Skilled workers are allowed to immigrate to Canada and even include their spouse and dependent children. 

4. Provincial Nominee Program 

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) lets a province nominate candidates according to their labor market needs. Just like Express Entry draws, PNP draws are also held in which a particular number of candidates receive nomination, which increases the CRS score of the candidate. And, when the Express Entry draws are held, those scoring higher receive invitations to apply for Canada PR. So, PNPs are another easy way by which one can immigrate to Canada. 

5. Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship is a nice and easy way of immigration. A permanent resident can sponsor their family members to immigrate to Canada through Family Sponsorship stream. Once you are sponsored, you can then study, work, and live in Canada. 

6. Start-up Visa Program 

Using the Start-up visa program, an entrepreneur can immigrate to Canada. This program is suitable for those who are looking to start their own business in Canada. 

7. Study Permit 

Those who are looking to immigrate to Canada for educational purposes can acquire a study permit and do so. Canada provides one of the top ranking universities and high quality education. So it’s a really nice country to pursue higher studies in. A study permit is an easy way to immigrate to Canada as after finishing up your studies, your CRS score is bound to increase. Then you can also apply for a work permit which will let you gain further CRS points, hence increasing your chances of getting a Canada PR. 

8. Work Permit 

As mentioned above, a work permit gives you an opportunity to gain Canadian work experience and raise your CRS score. Once a candidate has a good amount of work experience, higher CRS score, and meets other PR requirements, they can then apply for Canada PR. 

9. Refugee and Asylum Seekers 

Canada offers several refugee and asylum seeker programs that one can use to immigrate to Canada. The Government of Canada provides safety to refugees and asylum seekers. 

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