1,186 candidates from all employers job offer streams invited by Ontario

1,186 Candidates from all Employers Job Offer Streams Invited by Ontario

“Ontario has held its first round of invites under the Employer Job Offer category after more than a month.”

On December 7, Ontario responded with a bang, inviting 1,186 immigrant candidates to apply for a provincial nomination.

Candidates who had profiles in the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s (OINP) Expression of Interest (EOI) system received invitations. In a table, below are the outcomes of all the draws:

StreamDescriptionInvitationsMinimum Score
Foreign Worker StreamGeneral47037
 Targeted draw for Regional immigration Polit Candidates.33NA
International Student StreamGeneral58362
 Targeted draw for Regional immigration Polit Candidates.37NA
In-Demand Skills StramTargeted draw for health manufacturing and agricultural occuptions.53
 Targeted draw for Regional immigration Polit Candidates.37NA

Under the Employer Job Offer category, these candidates may be eligible for one of three streams: Foreign Worker, International Student, or In-Demand Skills. Candidates who had applied for the Regional Immigration Pilot received some of the invitations.

Candidates recruited under the Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills stream have prior job experience in the following NOCs:

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Health And Agricultural Occupations

Manitoba Immigration programs

Ontario expecting more immigrants

Each year, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) distributes a set number of nominations to provinces and territories that operate Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

In 2021, Ontario will receive 8,350 nominations for temporary foreign workers in intermediate skilled occupations, NOC Skill Level C, plus an additional 250 nominations.

Ontario had issued 8,600 nominations as of November 10, 2021. In an October interview with CIC News Ontario’s immigration minister, Monte McNaughton, said the province is requesting the federal government to treble its allocation next year.

The Working for Employees Act, which was recently approved in Ontario, will, among other things, assist immigrant workers in integrating into regulated industries outside of the health-care sector. It will make it illegal for regulatory organisations to need Canadian work experience, abolish the necessity for a language exam for licencing purposes, and speed up the licencing procedure, especially in emergency situations.

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