BC Signs Agreement: Benefits for Indigenous Families in Canada

Recently , BC signs agreement for the benefits of Indigenous children and families in Canada. The agreement will further protect families.

Not long ago, BC signs agreement for the betterment of First Nations children and families to ensure that these families feel protected enough and the children grow up in a safe and secure environment. Aboriginal people in Canada are the ones to gain benefit from this agreement. Let’s discuss further about the agreement and who is eligible for the benefits.

About the Agreement

This agreement is between Canada, British Columbia, and Splatsin. The news release came out on 24th March, 2023, about the agreement. Indigenous Services Canada was the one to publish the news release. 

According to the Canadian Government, the indigenous children prosper when they are in the presence of their own community. They are at their best when surrounded by their culture. And, we totally agree with this. 

Hence, the Government of Canada is committed to protect these communities further on. They are continuously working for the self-determination of Metis, Inuit and First Nation people. 

This agreement is in support of the jurisdictional exercise of Splatsin over indigenous children and families.

Benefits for Indigenous Families and Children

Spaltsin will be receiving $136.2 million so they could continue supporting children and families of the indigenous communities. This is splendid news for First Nations communities in Canada as they are the ones enjoying these protection. 

Splatsin is famous for all the amazing work they do for indigenous families and how much they help the community grow. Splatsin has the jurisdictional authority to provide services to indigenous people under Secwepemc law. Since 1980, they have been supporting families and plan on continuing to do so in the future as well. 

The indigenous people will have better opportunities for their children and themselves. Not only the present generation, but also the future generations of Indigenous People will benefit from this agreement.

Why was this Agreement signed?

You may ask, how is this agreement historic? Well, it is so because this is the first coordination agreement in British Columbia, and the fifth agreement in all of Canada. 

And, what is the coordination agreement about? Well, it is about coordinating services, delivering those services, fiscal agreements that are according to needs, and about equality, all this for First Nations children. This agreement will basically give these children more rights and opportunities to grow in life. 

The agreement will receive funding from the federal as well as provincial governments so they could have important resources to work with.

Who is eligible for the benefits?

There are no eligibility requirements in order to gain benefits from this agreement. The First Nations children and families are the ones who will be receiving advantages through this agreement. This is one of the most wonderful news you will see today. Indigenous children will have the chance to grow up in a more secure environment and have the time of their lives.

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