Canadians Celebrate Ramadan in this Way

How do Canadians celebrate Ramadan? This is one of the most important festivals for Muslims, as they consider this month quite auspicious.
Canadians Celebrate Ramadan in this Way

Many Canadians celebrate Ramadan with all the happiness in the world. This whole month is very auspicious and the muslims of the country surely do know how to celebrate it properly. If you are a muslim, and are worried about whether to immigrate to Canada or not, no need. Canada is quite a good country and Canadian education is quite brilliant too.

Ramadan in Canada

Ramadan is the auspicious month when we feast, fast, and pray for a whole month. Canada is constantly working to become culturally better. It is accepting newcomers from ethically different countries and constantly evolving its society. 

In its way of progress, the country remembers all the major religious festivals and celebrations of people with different ethnic backgrounds. The multiculturalism seen in Canada is truly marvelous. 

The Canadian Multiculturalism Act makes sure that people of all religions, whether they are an immigrant or a permanent resident, feel secure to exercise their religion. They all have the right to freedom of belief. 

According to Statistics Canada, Muslims constitute the second mostly reported religion in the nation. Since 2001, the population of Muslims in the country has increased from only 2% to around 4.9% out of the total population. This 4.9% is not less. Moreover, this means that around 1.8 million people are muslim in Canada. 

Why is this Year’s Ramadan Longer for North Canadians?

The month of Ramadan typically lasts for around 29 or 30 days, however it mostly depends on the year. Recently, the month has moved to spring or spring when the days are longer than that of winters.  This results in Ramada becoming longer for those living in the northern territories or provinces of Canada. These people have to wait till late to open their fasts and then they don’t have much time before the sun comes up again and they have to start fasting again.  In the largest city of Canada, Toronto, muslims are going to observe their fasts for over 13 hours in a day. And this will continue throughout April. However, people living in Whitehorse would have to wait for around 15 hours to have a meal. 
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