How to work in Canada after Work Permit Expires?


An international employer can apply for a work permit extension before their temporary permit expires. However, it really matters when the Canada work visa holder applied for the extension. See, if they apply before permit expires, they will be able to work in Canada until new application is finalized. 

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Can I work in Canada after Work Permit Expires?

If you apply for an extension of your work permit on time, you may be able to work in Canada even after your work permit expires. In this case, keep one thing in mind. If you apply before the permit expires, you can stay in the country until there’s a decision made on your new work permit. 

Generally, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) takes about 131 days to process this application. Even if IRCC is unable to process the application within this time period, permit holder can still work in Canada. 

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How to continue working in Canada after work permit expiry?

If the temporary worker successfully completes and applies for an extension on their permit, they can even continue working after its expiry. 

During the time period when their new work permit is finalizing, while their old one is expired, the permit holder must continue to live in Canada. 

Moreover, they need to continue working as they were before. This means, the work permit holder must continue working in the same conditions as before. 

Once the work permit extension is approved, either the permit will be extended or the applicant will receive a work permit with new conditions on it. 

The new conditions on the permit may include the type of work the applicant can do, where they can work, and the employer they can work for.  

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