Internet in Canada: Every Canadian Will be a Hi-fi with Wifi Now!

The internet in Canada is about to get better. CRTC has recently announced faster internet to connect Canadians throughout the country.
Internet in Canada Every Canadian Will be a Hi-fi with Wifi Now!

The CRTC, in a recent news release, announced that it would be providing faster internet in Canada. This is in accordance with bringing Canadians together. Canada is also improving the digital literacy of Canadians by announcing a huge investment in the Digital Literacy Exchange Program

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Faster Internet Because of CRTC

On 23rd March, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) published a news release. This news release was about improving the mobile and internet services of Canada. 

The commission is working towards connecting more remote, rural, and indigenous societies of Canada. Communities across Canada would have the privilege to receive high speed internet. The CRTC is about to launch a consultation for the betterment of its Broadband fund. Moreover, the CRTC wants to create an application system that is way easier and faster. 

Additionally, it also wants to create a funding system for Indigenous societies along with funding projects to improve the remote and rural networks. 

According to Vicky Eatrides, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of the CRTC, “Canadians need access to high-quality Internet and mobile services for every part of our daily lives. Our Broadband Fund is already improving access in over 200 rural, remote and Indigenous communities across Canada. By making changes to our Fund, we can help to connect even more Canadians to the services they need.”

About the CRTC

Currently, the CRTC is known for the role it plays in regulating and enforcing Canadian content rules. It makes content rules for television as well as radio. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission makes sure that every Canadian can access the emergency communications services. It also works for the empowerment of Canadians through providing knowledge and awareness.

Some Quick Facts
  • The Broadband Fund is made in such a way that it accolades other government’s funds such as the Universal Broadband Fund. 
  • This Fund will provide up to $750 million over the span of five years to the communities throughout Canada. This money will go towards the improvement of speed of the internet along with improving mobile services. 
  • Only 43.3% of Indigenous communities have access to such high-speed internet, whereas 62% of rural households and 91.4% of Canadian households have the same access. 

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