Latest PNP News- Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba Issue 1,000+ ITAs


In the latest PNP news, three provinces of Canada, Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba have issued more than 1,000 invitations. These invitations to apply (ITAs) nominate candidates to further go on and be able to apply for permanent residency in the country. 

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Latest PNP News

In the latest PNP news, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba have called for eligible candidates to apply for PR and live as well as work in Canada. 

Alberta conducted two draws, one on 12th and the other on 14th September, 2023. Whereas Manitoba and Ontario conducted their latest draw on 21st September, 2023. 

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Ontario PNP Draws

Date: 21st September, 2023

Invitations: 63

CRS Score Range: 348-434

Stream: French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream

On 21st Sept, 2023, Ontario conducted a draw for its Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream. Also, in this draw, 63 notifications of interest (NOIs) sent out to potential candidates who may qualify for this particular stream. 

63 candidates met the CRS cut-off range and hence received 600 additional CRS scores. 

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Manitoba PNP Draws

Date: 21 September, 2023

Letters of Advice: 620

Minimum Score: 612

Streams: Skilled Worker in Manitoba, International Education Stream, Skilled Worker Overseas

Manitoba conducted its latest PNP draw on 21st Sept, 2023. A total of 620 letters of advice were sent out via three streams, namely- Skilled Worker in Manitoba, International Education Stream, Skilled Worker Overseas. 

The Skilled Worker in Manitoba is further divided into two sub categories, Occupation specific selection and All Program. 

Under the Occupation specific selection subcategory, 298 letters of advice to apply for Canada permanent residence were sent. Those candidates who scored either 612 or above received letters of advice. 

The major groups considered in this draw according to their NOCs are-

  • 64- Sales and service representatives and other customer and personal services occupations
  • 65- Sales and service support occupations

All occupations not considered in the above subcategory received letters of advice under this one. So a total of 239 letters of advice to apply were issued to those who scored 631 or above. 

56 profiles meeting the eligibility criteria of the International Education Stream received letters of advice. 

Under the Skilled Worker Overseas stream about 27 letters of advice were issued to those scoring 723 or above. 

Alberta Latest PNP Draws

There were two draws conducted by Alberta on 12th and 14th September, 2023. 

The one on 12 September 2023, sent out 300 invitations to candidates scoring 383 points or above. The invitations were for candidates in the Tourism and hospitality occupation stream. 

The other draw, the one on 14 September 2023, issued 142 invitations to those with a score of 301 or above, and belong to the stream of Family connection and primary occupation in demand. 

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