No More Problems to Enter Canada, Travel to Canada Today!

You will not face any more problems to travel to Canada anymore. It’s because the timing of Ports of Entry are back to before the pandemic.
No More Problems to Enter Canada, Travel to Canada Today!

The CBSA published a recent news release and updated the service timing hours of the Ports of Entry of Canada. Now, visitors and people who want to travel to Canada will not face any problems to reach the country. Asking why are you reading this news? It is so because you are one of the people who want to get updates on the recent happenings of Canada. And what will this news provide you with? Simple. It will give you updates on what POEs are, what’s the change in their timings, why did these changes happen, and who can be eligible to apply at a POE? Immigration technical terms can be a bit confusing, but no worries we will also tell you their full forms.

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What are POEs?

POE or Port of Entry is the first point of entry from which you enter Canada. Actually, the Government of Canada decides this point of entry. Most of the time this is the first air port or the first land crossing where you stopped in the country. 

Now, you may enter the nation through a Port of Entry. But FIRST, you need to receive a POE Letter or a Port of Entry Letter from the IRCC. The IRCC will issue you a POE Letter if your study visa, work permit, or a super visa was approved. What’s a super visa? A super visa is given to someone who comes from a country that does not require a visitor visa to visit a country. 

The name of this letter may change to introductory letter, introduction letter, or even correspondence letter. Though, officially there’s only one name, and that is the Port of Entry Letter of introduction.  

What’s the new timing of POEs? 

Now, let’s come back to the main news and not stray away from it. For all the immigrants out there entering Canada, the CBSA or the Canada Border Services Agency will be changing the timing of POEs back to how they were before the pandemic hit us all. 

Hence, a total of 42 ports of entry of Canada are now changing their timings back to normal. Out of them, 39 are land ports, and the rest 3 are air ports of Canada. 

Why did the service timing change?

We all know that COVID-19 had some very powerful effects on all of us. Similarly, the government of Canada also had to make some changes to make do with the situation. Thus, as a result, a number of POE changed their service timings or their operational working hours. 

If we talk about province wise, then the below given ports were impacted by the pandemic. 

  • New Brunswick- 3 land ports
  • Saskatchewan- 9 land ports and 1 airport 
  • Alberta- 4 land ports and 1 airport
  • Manitoba- 13 land ports and 1 airport
  • British Columbia- 3 land ports
  • Quebec- 7 land ports

Who can apply at a Port of Entry?

The Port of Entry Letter is a very important document. And who provides it? None other than the IRCC! An applicant receives a Port of Entry Letter if their previously requested work/study/super visa was granted approval. And this is the reason why some people even call it a means to an end to get such visas. You know the visas we mentioned? The work visa, study visa, and super visa man. 

But in no means is this an actual study permit or even a work permit. No, this is just a bridge that will take you to Canada. After you come to Canada, an officer from the Canada Border Service Agency will ask for your POE Letter. Show them your approved application. 

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