Now Bus and Truck Drivers Eligible for Express Entry

Now Bus and Truck Drivers are Eligible for Express Entry

Let’s talk about the bus and truck drivers eligible for Express Entry. Also, if you are a newcomer to Canada, then you should know that the whole month of March is observed as Fraud Prevention Month

Recently, Canada is in need of bus and truck drivers. Hence, the country began to include them in its Express Entry draws also. In November, 2022, the government of Canada added around 16 new occupations for Express Entry. As we mentioned before, truck drivers and bus drivers are also in it.

Now Hiring Truck and Bus Drivers!

The busing industry of Canada has been facing a lack of school drivers for a long period of time. To overcome this issue, Canada is inviting immigrant drivers as a part of its solution. 

Similarly, the truck industry of the nation is also in need of truck drivers. Truck drivers are, undoubteldly, an important part of the national supply chain of Canada. 

The rise in the job vacancy of truck drivers and bus drivers will surely help the country in growing stronger. And, to overcome the matter of labor shortages in the trucking industry as well as the busing industry, IRCC included truck and bus drivers to be in the list of occupations that are eligible for Express Entry. 

The Canadian Government hopes that this inclusion will help the nation in possessing more foreign nationals, specially, professional drivers so it could fill in the labor shortages.

Other Immigration Options

Other than Express Entry, foreign nationals have several options of immigration to Canada. Other pathways include Provincial Nominee Programs, Atlantic Immigration Program, and Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. Quebec and Nunavut have their separate programs of immigration. 

Furthermore, there are still some other programs that allow immigrants into the country. These programs are spread throughout the nation. What’s more is that these programs choose skilled workers selectively. And, to do so the local government decides which worker would, actually, help the local market. 

Hence, if a truck or bus driver is choosing a particular region where there’s some need for drivers, then the chances of them being selected to immigrate to that region increases. 

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