Ontario welcomes Masters and PhD grads in its first PNP invitation round

Ontario welcomes Masters and PhD grads in its first PNP invitation round

“The province invited 479 candidates to apply for a provincial nomination through two different immigration programs.”

Nearly two weeks after overhauling the intake system for the two provincial immigration programmes, Ontario has held its first round of invitations for the Master’s Graduate and PhD. Graduate streams.

On August 18, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) held two draws and invited 479 international student graduates to apply for provincial nominations.

A total of 402 people were invited to apply for the Master’s Graduate stream in Ontario. In order to be invited, candidates needed to have a score of at least 39 on their Expression of Interest (EOI).

Ontario invited 77 candidates with EOI scores of 17 or higher for the Ph.D. Graduate stream.

About the Master’s Graduate and PH.d. Graduate Streams

Under Ontario’s EOI system, these Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) operate. To be considered for either the Master’s Graduate or Ph.D. Graduate streams, you must first register with Ontario’s e-Filing Portal and then submit a graduate stream expression of interest. If you meet the criteria, you will be invited to apply for a provincial nomination. You must also apply for the nomination within two years of receiving your diploma. To apply for these streams, you do not need a job offer.

How Do You Get Points for Ontario Immigration?

Ontario ranks EOI profiles according to a set of human capital factors that the province has determined are important in identifying immigrants with the potential to succeed. Your job offer’s skill level, as well as your Canadian work experience, earn you points.

Depending on which stream you apply for, the OINP scoring system differs. It considers your wage, education, official language ability, and the region in which you study or work, in addition to your skill level and work experience. In addition, the province has the option of allocating 10 points to respond to labor market needs.

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