Targeted Campaigns by IRCC to Protect Indian Students from fraud


The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) launched some targeted campaigns to educate and spread awareness about how to protect oneself from immigration fraudsters. These targeted campaigns by IRCC could actually be a whole lot useful for Indian students thinking about studying in Canada. 

There is no doubt that there’s an abundance of fraudsters existing in every sort of sphere of life. They thrive on those with lack of knowledge about the field and those not so well aware. But this in no way means that the life of visa applicants is full of despair and there’s no hope. Actually, if you are well informed, possess basic knowledge about immigration process, and can smell when someone is being fishy, then you don’t have to worry about fraudsters hacking up your life! 

New to this field? No worries! Below, we have mentioned some of the basic knowledge about how to tell when your immigration consultant seems suspicious. Also, we will discuss how the Government of Canada is planning to protect Indian students studying in Canada. 

How is Canada Govt Helping Indian Students?

The number of international students entering Canada on an annual basis constitutes an important portion of the overall immigrant population. Most of these students are Indian born, followed by the Philippines and the Chinese. In 2022 alone 226,000 Indian students received study permits. 

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The recent case of around 700 Indian students in Canada at the verge of facing deportation over fake admission documents have played a vital role in bringing up this crucial matter. 

If the number of students coming from India to Canada is so high, it becomes a responsibility of the Canadian government to ensure they are not being taken advantage of. And to make sure that these students are well protected and prepared for their journey to Canada for study purposes, IRCC has highlighted the various resources and information available on its website. 

Moreover, in the light of the huge amount of fraud cases seen, IRCC also launched some targeted campaigns to spread awareness. 

Apart from spreading awareness, these campaigns also cautions visa applicants against dealing with unauthorized immigration consultants. Further, it emphasizes the need to educate oneself about the current fraud trends. From where to get this information? As mentioned above, you can check out the website of IRCC for this. 

Or, you can also take a look at some of the pointers mentioned below to know how to know if your immigration consultant is fraud? 

How to know if your Immigration Consultant is Fraud?

Some ways to tell your immigration consultant is a scammer. 

  1. Poor website content – when you take a look at their website, it’s hard to see quality content. This is because the scammers are more focused on committing scams rather than offering genuine immigration consultancy. 
  1. Asking payment first – since these fraudsters are more focused on robbing their clients off their money, of course they are going to ask for payment first and promise to then provide services. If your immigration consultant is also behaving the same, you have to recognize the red flags around them and question their validity further. 
  1. Does it look like a Government website? – many scammers try to copycat their way into trapping people in their webs. They make their website almost look like those of a government website. So, be sure to check out the logo, the content, and the url properly of the immigration consultancy. 
  1. Fake contact details – check out the contact details of the immigration agency you are being in contact with. Make sure that their physical address matches the one on their website. Or check out Google maps to see if they are an actual consultancy or not. 

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