Affordable Universities in Canada for the Best Education

Affordable-Universities-in-Canada-for-the-Best- Education

Which are the most affordable universities in Canada for the best education? Do you know the answer? If not, then that’s fine. All you need to do is watch this video below! 

Are you ready to know about some really good educational institutions of Canada which also don’t ask for much fee? After studying in these affordable universities in Canada you might even get to secure a job abroad so you could live an even better life! 

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Affordable Universities in Canada for the Best Education

Here is the list of Affordable Universities in Canada for the Best Education:

  1. University of Guelph
  2. University of Calgary
  3. Simon Fraser University
  4. University of Alberta
  5. University of Winnipeg
  6. University of Montreal
  7. McMaster University
  8. University of British Columbia
  9. University of Toronto
  10. Université de Saint-Boniface

University of Guelph 

The University of Guelph offers different kinds of programs on several levels of education such as bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, diploma, and certificate. 

This university is counted among the best universities to study with affordable means. In a year, the average tuition fee is 24,315 INR to 9,06,150 INR. Popular courses to study in the University of Guelph are- BA in Art History, MBA, M.Sc in Clinical Studies, Graduate Certificate Business, etc. 

University of Calgary 

The University of Calgary is basically known for offering brilliant graduate programs such as in Anthropology, Geography, Accounting, and Software Engineering. 

If you take a look at the best universities to study in Canada while not having to spend much money, you will find the University of Calgary in one of the top places! 

In only 8,82,990 INR to 26,03,150 INR, a student can get to study at this excellent university. 

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is a really famous university and it’s not for nothing, the education there is well-renowned, and the students don’t have to pay much for it. 

It has about 30,000 students and all of these students pour in from 150 different countries in the world. On an average year, the tuition fee is around 3,57,000 INR to 34,79,000 INR only. 

University of Alberta

Why is the University of Alberta so prominently known? Because the university gives its students lessons worthy of remembering for a long time and teaches them valuable life lessons too. Moreover, all of this for a small amount of money ranging from 81,358 INR to 3,02,185 INR.

Well, just enroll yourself in this university already! 

University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg has the third lowest tuition fee in the whole of Canada! This university is really popular for teaching diversity, excellence, innovation, and research to its students! 

An average year takes the tuition fee of only 6,25,997 INR to 16,40,570 INR. Students can opt for famous courses offered such as BBA, MBA, M.Sc in Applied Computer Science, etc. 

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