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Canada is globally acclaimed as one of the top study destinations for international students across the world. However, the country is not just famous for studies but also quite a nice place to get settled in. This is why a lot of students search for the best course to study in Canada for PR so they could build a brighter future! In this blog, we will talk about the best course to study, why one should study in Canada, and the cheapest colleges of Canada! 

5 Best Course to Study In Canada for PR

The best course to study in Canada for PR are MBA, IT and Computer Science, Engineering, Management and Core Engineering, Healthcare, Bioscience and Medicine, and Finance and Economics courses. 

Canada is a country that provides top-notch education to students. Being a multicultural country, the international students studying in Canada are more adept at learning various languages, valuable cultural tidbits, and gaining necessary education which will surely give them an upper hand when thinking of immigrating to Canada. 

In case you are considering getting Canada PR, 5 best course to study in Canada for PR are: 

1. Masters of Business Administration

2. Engineering, Management and Core Engineering Courses

3. Healthcare, Bioscience and Medicine Courses

4. Finance and Economic Courses

5. IT and Computer Science Courses

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Now, let’s take a look at those courses in detail below.

1. Masters of Business Administration

A Masters of Business Administration in Canada is one of the top courses that attract a huge number of foreign students from all across the world to Canada on an annual basis. 

But why MBA? It’s mainly because the career scope after MBA is vast. Moreover, the salary is good too. So, if you are thinking about pursuing an MBA degree in Canada, check out the Schulich School of Business, or the Alberta School of Business (BUS). 

This course teaches students different skills such as problem-solving, leadership, planning, time management, communication, and also teaches them how to develop a solution-oriented approach for them. 

2. Engineering, Management and Core Engineering Courses

The scope of this course in Canada is growing as the need to hire more workers in engineering related industries is growing. Some provinces are facing a more desperate need for workers in the engineering sector than others. 

For instance, if you have completed an engineering course or a core engineering course in Canada, you could start looking for jobs in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, or even Montreal. These provinces are particularly in need of hiring more professionals. 

Some popular colleges to pursue Masters of Business Administration in Canada are University of Waterloo, McGill University, McMaster University, University of Toronto, etc. 

3. Healthcare, Bioscience and Medicine Courses 

The fields of healthcare, bioscience and medicine are one of the best courses to pursue because of the career opportunities they provide. Moreover, these fields are widely popular as they consist of professionals who form the backbone of our communities. 

So, if you are thinking about pursuing a career in medicine, bioscience and healthcare, you can check out the University of British Columbia, Dalhousie University, or York University. 

4. Finance and Economic Courses

Financial courses are one of the best courses to study in Canada for PR as there’s much needed requirements of professionals in Canada in this field. 

One must check out the courses of finance and economics in Canadian universities such as the Queen’s University, Western University, or Simon Fraser University, for high quality education. 

After completing these courses in Canada, one could get a job in sectors like that of insurance, stock market, investment banking, financial analysis, investment management, etc. 

Once you secure a job in Canada and gain valuable work experience, you could then even be eligible for Canada PR. 

5. IT and Computer Science Courses

The scope of getting a job in the IT or field of computer science is strong. Moreover, it provides one of the most money making jobs in Canada. In case you are interested in building a career in a computer science related field, try out colleges such as University of Montreal, Carleton University, University of Victoria, etc for top-notch education. 

Why Study in Canada?

Some top reasons to study in Canada are:

  • High quality education: Canada offers top-notch quality of education which is one of the main reasons that make international students prefer this country. Various universities of Canada are world famous because of the quality of education they provide. 
  • Affordable universities: Canadian universities offer courses at a much affordable fee, making them more suitable for most of the students looking to study abroad. 
  • Diverse and inclusive environment: Not just the campus grounds but also the Canadian society in general is much inclusive and encourages diversity. Students belonging to different orientations, cultures and communities feel at home in Canada. 
  • Safety and security: Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. The people of Canada are open-minded, which makes the country suitable for living most of the international students coming to study in Canada. 
  • High quality of life: Every human being is entitled to rights, regardless of which country they belong to. Canada is known for upholding those human rights and treating everyone equally. International students in Canada enjoy a number of rights and freedoms similar to that of people of Canada. 
  • Experience vibrant quality of life: The quality of life that Canada offers is great in various terms. The vibrancy of the Canadian culture and the welcoming nature of the environment makes living in Canada quite worthwhile. 

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Cheapest Colleges to Study in Canada

  1. University of Guelph
  2. University of Saskatchewan
  3. University of Toronto
  4. Bow Valley College
  5. University of Calgary
  6. McGill University
  7. University of Manitoba
  8. Algonquin College
  9. Humber  College
  10. Conestoga College

If you are looking for some affordable universities to check out, while still receiving the same quality of education, check out the universities we have mentioned above! These universities provide some of the best course to study in Canada for PR!

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Which course is better in Canada for PR?

An engineering course or a course in healthcare is considered to be better suitable if you are looking to get Canada PR. This is especially right because some provinces in Canada are in desperate need of workers in these industries. 

Which courses are in demand in Canada for PR?

Courses such as business, healthcare, finances, economics, computer science, are in demand in Canada for PR.

What is the fastest way to get Canada PR?

Express Entry is the fastest way to get Canada PR as IRCC aims to process applications faster.

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