Apply for Canada Dependent Visa: Door to meet your family living in Canada!

Canada Dependent Visa

A Canada dependent visa allows family members, such as spouses, common-law partners, and dependent children, to join a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. It enables them to reside, study, and work in Canada, subject to certain conditions and requirements.

Processing Time for Canada Dependent Visa For Spouse

The processing time for a Canada-dependent visa for a spouse relies on the accuracy of all submitted papers. If the visa officer cannot locate the required papers, processing periods will be extended. The anticipated processing time for spouse visa applications varies according to the kind of application submitted.

The processing time for a spouse visitor visa is approximately 15 to 30 days, the processing time for a spouse dependant work permit is generally 60 to 90 days, and the processing period for spouse immigration is approximately 8 to 9 months. Although the processing time may differ from case to case, the more exact the documents and the more vital the information, the faster the case will process.

Canada Spouse Visa Update

The process requirement of 12 months is the same for both inland and outland applicants who are married. In both cases, the processing time includes the time it takes for applicants to give biometric information, for IRCC to evaluate the sponsor and the person being sponsored, and for applicants to meet eligibility requirements. 

Canada Spouse Visa Document Checklist

To accomplish the Canada spouse visa application process, the applicant must submit a signed application form, the required fee, and all essential papers in the right format.

To apply for a Canada Spouse visa, you must furnish the documentation listed below.

1. A copy of your marriage certificate from the government

2. Photos of passports

3. Proof of all legal name changes you and your partner have made

4. Your birth certificate.

5. Your passport or a copy of it

6. A copy of your important financial papers

7. Original letter of sponsorship Certificate of police clearance (if applicable)

8. If applicable, papers ending a previous marriage

9. If there are any, court, police, and prison records.

10. If there are any, records of immigration violations

11. Proof of address 

12.  Bank account details.

Each of the above documents must be provided to CIC for each of the most typical cases.

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How to Apply for a Dependent Visa for Canada

Factors for Eligibility to Apply for a Canada Dependent Visa

1. A Canadian-dwelling Indian can sponsor family members if they match the following qualifications.

2. They must really be 18 years or older.

3. Either they are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, or they are registered under the Canadian Indian Act.

4. They must provide evidence that they do not receive social assistance.

5. They are capable of providing for their sponsor’s fundamental necessities.

Step By Step Application Instructions To Apply for a Canada Dependent Visa

1. Obtain the visa application materials. This application bundle includes application forms and a guide for completing the application form.

2. Complete the application forms; both the sponsor and the applicant must complete the application forms.

3. The visa application fee must really be paid. The following credit and debit cards are accepted: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, and MasterCard, Visa.

4. Submit a completed application

5. Send supplementary information like medical examinations, police certificates, and biometrics.

6. Follow the visa application process online.

Canada Spouse Visa Rejection Reasons

If you recently tried to get a visa for your spouse but were rejected, you need to know why.

1. Inadequate Documentation: When you apply for a visa, you need to show a number of important documents. If you don’t send the necessary documents with your spouse’s visa application, it’s possible that your visa application will be turned down.

2. Lack of Finances: If the proof of funds you show isn’t enough, your visa application may also be turned down.

3. Liabilities: You must go back to your home country once the reason for your stay has been met. If it is not clear that you have to go back to your home country, you may also be rejected. If you don’t have any social, economic, or professional ties in your home country or if the obligations you show aren’t enough, your visa application may also be declined.

4. A relationship that is real: When you apply for a spouse visa, you must show that your marriage is real. This can be proven by showing a photocopy of the marriage certificate or a picture of the spouse with friends and family. If you can’t prove that your relationship with your partner is real, it’s possible that your visa application will be denied.

Canada Spouse Visa 2023

The spouse sponsorship scheme is the most popular branch of family-based immigration. Recent changes have shortened the processing period for 80% of applications for both Canadian and non-Canadian cases from 26 to 12 months.

Canada’s spousal sponsorship went back to taking 12 months to process for new applicants in January 2022. IRCC also set up a portal where people who want to sponsor a spouse or child for immigration can track their applications online.

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