Future of Digital Marketing Career in Canada


Digital marketing Career in Canada is a powerful weapon in today’s internet world. Digital Marketing jobs are in the top list of the Canadian job market. It is the future of marketing and will perform a bigger role in the coming years. Due to commercial globalization, the digital marketing field is growing rapidly at a very high rate in Canada. 

Canada is the most popular destination for immigrants from all over the world. The Government of Canada has great job opportunities in which they provide a huge variety of digital marketing Career jobs. For further knowledge, Bank jobs in Canada are also in demand.

Digital Marketing Career in Canada

A better utilization of marketing techniques, technologies and tactics to make a brand identity online and grow a big firm is basically known as digital marketing. It helps companies to connect with the customers all over the world through different digital platforms.

Strategies of Digital Marketing

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay per Click (PPC)

Why choose a career as a digital marketer in Canada ?

Digital marketing Career in Canada is the most sought after program for international students.

  1. Huge job opportunities : Digital marketing is a quite popular course among international students. The Government of Canada offers outstanding job opportunities with an average salary between 42,886 CAD to 78,036 CAD for a digital marketer.
  2. Growing Demand and Future scope : Nowadays digital markers are very highlighted in the field of digital marketing, it grows the importance of digital channels to businesses in Canada. In a report which states that Canada is offering 44,100 new job openings for digital markets in Canada by the year 2029.
  3. Education quality : The Government of Canada offers a very high-quality education in digital marketing with top universities and colleges offering specialized courses in the field.

Digital marketing Jobs in Canada

Digital Marketing Manager
Content Marketing Specialist
Social Media Manager
SEO Specialist
PPC Specialist
Email Marketing Specialist
Analytics and Data Analyst
E-commerce Manager
Content Writer/Copywriter
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Inbound Marketing Specialist
Affiliate Marketing Manager
Marketing Automation Specialist
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist
Digital Marketing Strategist

Skills Required for Digital Marketing in Canada

The Digital Marketer can constantly learn different skills and get certifications because of different jobs involved in the market. Digital marketers have to upskills, get certification and learn various specializations for better paying jobs. In short, Digital marketers have to study and learn continuously. See the general skill required for digital marketing:

  1. Good command over English language
  2. Job seekers should have great knowledge about French language
  3. Seekers should have organizational skills and attention to detail
  4. And lastly, good writing is a must for digital marketers.

Duties of Digital Marketer in Canada

Let’s know the top high demand Digital marketing job opportunities in Canada.

  1. Marketers duty is to create and execute email marketing campaigns.
  2. Duty to generate leads for clients.
  3. Have to be up to date with the current market trend.
  4. Duty to create SEO strategies for clients.
  5. Its digital marketer duties are to develop digital marketing strategies as per client objectives.
  6. Duties to implement off page and on page activities in SEO.
  7. Creates social media presence for the project.
  8. Duties to perform competitive research.
  9. Duties to analyze the online market to evaluate and identify critical digital marketing opportunities.
  10. Its digital marketer duties design a social media content strategy and updating social media pages.

Eligibility requirements of digital marketing courses in Canada

Now let’s talk about the eligibility requirements of digital marketing courses in Canada.

  1. Education Qualifications : To start your application process, it requires to have translated academic transcripts with good scores. Candidates who are applying for a master’s or PG diploma then want a bachelor’s degree in that course.  
  2. English Language skills test : When you apply to take admission in Canada, then candidates have to make sure that they meet the language requirements like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. scores to study digital marketing in Canada is
  • IELTS : Minimum 6.0 score in all sections
  • PTE : 59 – 64
  • TOEFL : 83
  • CAEL : 50
  • Duolingo : 95 – 100

Entrance Test Score : Candidates have to submit a GRE or GMAT test score at the time of application for master’s or postgraduate diploma in digital marketing.

Documents needed for Digital marketing courses in Canada.

Candidates have to ensure that they have the following lists of documents mentioned below:

  1. Candidates have to submit a complete application form.
  2. Submit a statement of purpose.
  3. Submit Academic transcripts.
  4. Submit a letter of recommendation.
  5. Entrance exam scorecards of GRE and GMAT
  6. CV or Resume
  7. Submit work experience, if you have any.
  8. Submit a copy of your valid passport.
  9. And lastly, submit the study permit visa.

Best college for Digital Marketing courses in Canada

College and Universities play a vital role in enhancing the students career. They provide in-depth knowledge about digital marketing courses and prepare the students for upcoming interviews. Now lets see best college and universities for Digital marketing courses:

    1. Douglas College : This college offers 2 different degrees in the Digital marketing field that helps in learning and developing skills in e-commerce. SEO. Social media marketing, digital marketing analytics, paid search and content marketing. Digital marketing courses will give a practical experience working with clients. 

Average Annual Fees : 13,500 CAD

Program Offered : Digital marketing and communications management and Digital marketing (Post Baccalaureate Diploma)

    1. York University : This University offers courses and opportunities for advanced training and research to international students.

Average Annual Fees : 29,572 CAD

Program Offered : BA in Digital Media and MA in Digital Media.

    1. George Brown College : This College has education classes to international students with full time, part time, and continuing education programs.

Average Annual Fees : 15,190 CAD

Program Offered : Graduate certificate in Digital Media Marketing

  1. Bow Valley College : This college is a public oriented board driven college. It operates as a comprehensive community institute under learning act by Alberta city.

Average Annual Fees : 18,369 CAD

Program Offered : Post Diploma certificate in Digital Marketing and Business Administration Diploma in digital Marketing.

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