Doctor jobs in Canada – List of latest Opportunities

Currently, there are at least 300 Doctor Jobs in Canada according to Job Bank. The Canadian government often releases job openings for doctors due to a severe labor shortage in the healthcare industry. Most importantly, doctors in Canada can easily immigrate to the country and become permanent residents through pathways such as the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

This blog includes:

  1. What are the Doctor jobs in Canada ?
  2. Requirements for Doctors to get a job in Canada
  3. Salaries of Doctor jobs in Canada
  4. What are the popular Visa programs for Doctor jobs in Canada ?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

What are Doctor Jobs in Canada?

Most jobs for doctors in Canada fall under the NOC Code 31100. Here is the list of doctor jobs in Canada:

  1. Ophthalmologist: Ophthalmologist is a surgical treatment for the eyes. This is best Doctor jobs in Canada
  2. Neurosurgeon: Doctors who are experts in the nervous system are called Neurosurgeons.
  3. Urologist: Urologists also treat enlarged prostates, interstitial cystitis, hyperactive bladder, and prostatitis with medication.
  4. Cardiothoracic Surgeon: Cardiothoracic collaborates closely with cardiologists, oncologists, and anesthesiologists.
  5. General surgeon: General surgeon is a specialist in handling pre and post operative care.
  6. Otolaryngologist: Otolaryngologist is a specialist for the ear, nose, and throat.
  7. Orthopedic surgeon: This surgeon is a specialist in nasty falls and broken bones.
  8. Anesthetist: This is the branch of medicine dedicated to the relief of pain for patients undergoing surgery and the relief of pain.
  9. Plastic surgeon: Plastic surgeon are in high demand and top earning medical professions in Canada
  10. Obstetrician-gynecologist: OB-GYNs Doctors are specializing in women’s health issues, including menstruation, childbirth, and menopause.
  11. Dermatologist: this surgeon is treating skin, hair, nails, and mouth, nose and eyelids problems.
  12. Pediatrician: Pediatrician is a doctor who focuses on the health of infants, children, and young adults.
  13. Physiatrist: Physiatrist are the experts in physical medicine and rehabilitation and treat the wide range of conditions affecting the brian, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.
  14. Psychiatrist: Psychiatrist helps patients with medical illness, emotional and behavioral disorders.

Requirements for Doctors to get a job in Canada

These are the requirements for doctors to get a job in Canada.

  • Candidates need a medical degree from a recognized school
  • They need to prove their language proficiency in English and French
  • Submit medical credentials
  • Complete the postgraduate training program and pass 2 exams
  • Fulfill the requirements of the province or territory where you would want to work
  • Candidates need to give Medical Council Qualifying Exams parts I & II
  • After that, you are ready to practice medicine in Canada and get a job in Canada.

Salaries of Doctor jobs in Canada

Doctor Jobs in Canada Average Salary in CAD Average Salary in INR
Ophthalmologist $791,000 Rs 4,83,36,715
Neurosurgeon $558,000 Rs 3,40.98,466
Urologist $588,000 Rs 3,59,31,717
Cardiothoracic Surgeon $500,000 Rs 3,05,54,181
General surgeon $466,000 Rs 2,84,76,497
Otolaryngologist $444,000 Rs 2,71,32,113
Orthopedic surgeon $438,000 Rs 2,67,65,463
Anesthetist $437,000 Rs 2,67,04,354
Plastic surgeon $394,000 Rs 2,40,76,695
Obstetrician-gynecologist $392,000 Rs 2,39,54,478
Dermatologist $385,000 Rs 2,35,26,719
Pediatrician $296,000 Rs 1,80,88,075
Physiatrist $289,000 Rs 1,76,60,317
Psychiatrist $282,000 Rs 1,72,32,558
Family Medicine $280,000 Rs 1,71,10,341

These are the Average income of Doctor jobs in Canada per year.

What are the popular Immigration options for Doctors in Canada?

These programs are the popular visa program in Canada for Doctors. See the list below

    1. Federal skilled worker Visa program
      • This program follows a point-based system
      • It requires 67 points to qualify for Express Entry
      • FSW program is a selection of permanent residence Visa application
      • In FSW program, you can bring your family members along with you
      • This process is easy for Indian Doctors
      • Fastest Visa process (6 months)
    2. Provincial Nominee Programs

These 2 provinces are specially designed for trained medical doctors

      • British Columbia provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)
      • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
    1. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

This program is the fastest option for you to immigrate and settle in Canada. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program requires low IELTS Score and low work experience but make sure your occupation must be listed under the NOC TEER system 0,1.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a job as a doctor in Canada?

To get a job in Canada, do follow these steps:

  • Submit your medical degree from recognised medical school
  • Be ready for your exam
  • Submit your education credentials
  • Take the MCCEE (Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination)

Are doctors in Demand in Canada?

Yes, because By 2028 Canada will be short about 44,000 physicians. And Canada needs to train and hire 30,000 doctors by 2028 to match the number of doctors per capita among OECD peers.

Can foreign doctors work in Canada?

Yes, foreign doctors work in Canada but they first qualify the National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) examination.

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