Canada Weather in Winter: How to Survive this Harsh Season?

Canada Weather in Winter- How to Survive this Harsh Season-min

Why is Canada weather in winter so harsh? It might be because of the fact that the country’s northern border is near the freezing arctic. However, this doesn’t mean that the whole country experiences the same kind of weather. Actually, the weather of Canada varies according to its region. If we take a look at the southern side of the country, we find its border aligned with California. Hence, the reason why the southern part of Canada experiences such hot weather. Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at the kind of weather Canada experiences in the Winter season.

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What kind of weather does Canada experience in Winter?

As mentioned before, the weather in Canada varies from region to region due to the geographical placement of the country. If we are talking about winters, then Canada comes in the list of countries that have to go through one of the harshest climates. And, it experiences one of the most extreme weathers. This statement is especially true in the case of the interior parts of the country, along with the Prairie provinces. Compared to this, the weather in Canada in September can be quite pleasant.

The Prairie provinces experience a daily frigid temperature of around -15 degrees Celsius. Think this is harsh? And, yet, the weather can go below -40 degrees Celsius. These provinces experience extreme chilly breezes.

The country also sees snow fall, and the snow can cover the ground for around six months of the year. On the other hand, snowy grounds are a common sight for the whole year round.

How do Canadians Survive Winters?

Canadians are used to living in this kind of weather. In winters, it could be raining with heavy storms, freezing wind could be gracing the daily life of Canadians, and snowfall can happen at any time. Yes, this is the kind of weather Canadians experience in winters. Now, chilly breeze and snowfall may sound beautiful, but, this doesn’t mean that all of this weather is good.

Were you aware that Canadian winter is the reason behind so many people suffering from Hypothermia and frostbites?

Now, let’s see below how do Canadians survive this harsh season:-

  • Canadians don on warm, and fuzzy clothing to survive the winters. For example, one could wear high necks, pullovers, boots, thermals, bomber jackets, long coats, snow pants, turtle necks, etc. It is advisable to go for waterproof clothing since it could snow anytime at that time of the year.
  • Canadians usually pack a special winter emergency kit in case anything goes south. This kit may include all sorts of life saving items, such as a de-icer, non-perishable snacks, first aid kit, water, a flashlight, batteries etc.
  • The people of Canada definitely know the importance of a good moisturizer in winters. They always have winter essentials like that of moisturizers, balms, cold creams, lotions, etc, handy on them.
  • Some other important things to have are wool gloves, quick dry towels, hand warmers, beanies, waterproof phone cases.
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