Canada work permit agent in Delhi

Canada work permit agent in Delhi

Canada Work Permit Agents in Delhi

Canada is one of the most impressive country in the world which attracts people, be it students or workers. Since about 3,000,000 immigrants visit Canada each year, it is one of the top destinations, and opting to work there is a big step in the life of someone who wants to pursue their ambition. The skilled worker point-based system is the basic foundation for work visas for Canadians.

One of the most well-known visas is the Federal Skilled Worker Visa, which is intended for those with extensive experience and high levels of expertise in their field of employment. Immigrants who come to Canada on business visas fall under the second group.

Choosing a Canada work permit agent is a difficult task when people think of migrating. There are innumerable numbers of Canada work permit agents in Delhi but few to rely on. 

If this is your first time working with a Canada work permit agent, you might not know where to begin when selecting the best one for your needs. You must ensure certain things before you get in touch with them. 

Make sure the Canada work permit agent you select to assist you with your application is registered with the Canadian government and in support of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council). This guarantees that you’ll receive the greatest assistance for your work permit for Canada.

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Where to apply for a work permit in Canada?

Both the employer and the employee must complete the two steps of the process for applying for a work permit. The employee can be directed to apply for a Canada work visa or Canada work permit as soon as the company obtains the letter of affirmation from HRSDC.

You must apply for a resident visa at a foreign Canadian visa office after requesting a work permit from Canada in order to be granted permission to live there. Although it does not let employees with permanent benefits or Canadian permanent residence remain in the country, there are certain exceptions, such as live-in caretakers who satisfy specific requirements established by the Canadian government.

How long does Canada Work Permit Process Take

Work permits for Canada are normally processed between 1 to 9 months on average. The processing period begins, as soon as the IRCC receives your entire application. It ends when authorities make a decision.

Processing timeframe may differ according to:

The nature of the application

Once the application is finished

How fast we anticipate processing, already-received applications

How simple it is for us to check your information

How long it takes you to reply to inquiries or complaints

Additional elements

Is Canada Open For Work Permits?

Applications for work permits are being accepted and processed in Canada, however, there can be some delays during the time of COVID-19.

It is not surprising that Canada receives thousands of work permit requests each year, given that it is one of the most sought-after immigration destinations. For a number of reasons, including high pay, excellent benefits, and a wide variety of career options, working in Canada may be a highly alluring alternative for international employees.

How Much Canada Work Visa Fees?

You have to pay an application fee and any additional expenses required for screening when you apply for a visa to Canada. These are also referred to as Canadian Embassy Fees, however, the amount varies depending on the kind of visa you’re asking for. 

The following are the five categories of Canada visa fees: 

Fees for temporary residency

Costs for perpetual residence

Fees for family sponsorship

Fees for citizenship

Costs for additional apps and services

Canada work permit visa fees is categorized as:

Work permit per person (including extension) is $155.00

Work permit per group as per 3 applicants are applying at the same time and place(including extension) is $465.00

If you are an open work permit holder it costs $100.00

If you want to restore your status and get a new permit it costs $355.00

Work Permit Canada Age Limit

Normally, you have to be an 18 to 35-year-old Canadian or international youngster. The legal age ranges from 18 to 30 in some other nations.

There is no upper age limit for anyone seeking work permits unless they’re doing it under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program.

Contact our Canada work permit agent experts right away for further details, and we’ll assess your possibilities of getting a certain visa without any hassle. Also, you can contact us for a FREE Counselling session if you would like more detailed information about Canada visas and qualifying requirements.

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