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Talent Connected Worldwide is the best immigration consultant for Canada because it offers CICC-licensed assistance at the cheapest price in the country. Besides being the most affordable immigration company, TCWW has the highest success rate for Canada PR, work visas, study visas, and tourist visas. We are India’s first customer-centric immigration company. 

This blog will help you select the best immigration consultants for Canada, and list the factors that make Talent Connected Worldwide the most popular choice for Indians. 

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What do Immigration Consultants for Canada do?

Immigration consultants for Canada offer legal and professional assistance to people applying for

According to IRCC, if you are hiring a paid immigration consultant, they must be regulated and licensed by the CICC. The IRCC will refuse your PR or visa application if you are represented by or have taken assistance from an unregulated consultant. 

Once you hire an immigration representative for Canada, they will:

  • Explain the immigration procedure and options.
  • Assess your profile and see what immigration pathway has the highest chances of success in your case.
  • Represent you during the PR application process
  • Might fill out and apply on your behalf
  • Handle any complications or additional queries by IRCC.

Who are the Best Immigration Consultants for Canada?

The best Immigration Consultants for Canada are those who are regulated by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). This is the most important feature of a valid immigration representative. 

Besides being licensed, they must also be experienced, have a high success record, and be affordable.

CICC certified 

All valid immigration consultants for Canada must be licensed by CICC. The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants authorizes representatives. The license ensures that the consultants comply with the highest standards of education and professional ethics. Getting a CICC license is not easy. To get licensed, a consultant should:

  • Pass an Entry to Practice Exam (RCIC EPE)
  • Complete a Graduate Diploma Program or an Immigration Practitioner Program (IPP) in the last three years
  • Complete the ongoing education for RCIC and the mentoring program to maintain their CICC license 

While selecting immigration consultants for Canada, you must make sure that:

  • They are CICC-licensed 
  • They are active 
  • They are in good standing with the college

It is a punishable offense to give immigration advice for a fee without being CICC licensed. 

A headquarters in Canada

Immigration consultants for Canada must have a headquarters in Canada. This makes them reliable and accountable for any post-immigration assistance or complication. Being established in Canada also enables the representatives to be completely updated with the latest changes in immigration, work, and study visa regulations.

High success rate 

A high success rate is a telltale sign of a successful and reliable Canadian immigration consultant. A low success rate shows that the company accepts clients for financial benefits without assessing their profile properly. 


An experienced immigration consultant for Canada will be adept in handling all complications related to a PR visa. They can foresee immigration trends and help you modify and build a strong profile accordingly. Experienced immigration representatives for Canada know all the underlying factors that impact visa processing. Therefore, they increase your chances of a successful and faster immigration.

Positive Reviews

A happy and satisfied clientele is testimonial to a successful immigration company for Canada. Presently, there are many paid reviews and testimonials on Google. Therefore, rely on trustworthy reviews or word of mouth from people who have successfully settled in Canada through immigration representatives. 

Affordable Services

CICC-authorized consultants often come with a high service fee. Although justified, this service fee might cause most Indians to fall into the trap of illegal consultants for lower fees. The best immigration consultant for Canada is one that offers legitimate services at an affordable price. 

Why is Talent Connected Worldwide the Best Immigration Consultant for Canada?

Talent Connected Worldwide is the best Immigration consultant for Canada because it offers

CICC-authorized assistance at the cheapest price in India. Several factors make TCWW the best immigration company in the country.

The most affordable

Talent Connected Worldwide offers CICC-authorized immigration services at the cheapest rate in the country. The main aim behind affordable services is to prevent and safeguard aspiring immigrants from falling into the trap of cheaper illegal agents. 

We have reduced our service cost by implementing practical decisions like letting go of lavish offices and promotions. We offer focused, consumer-centric immigration assistance at a price as low as ₹30000

Highest success rate in the country

Talent Connected Worldwide has the highest success rate in Canada PR through Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program, Family Sponsorship, and all other PR pathways. We have also assisted lakhs of students in getting into their dream international universities. We never accept cases for financial gain. We only accept your case once we are certain of your eligibility for a PR visa. With Talent Connected Worldwide, you will never have to worry about paying unnecessarily high fees even when you have little to no chance to get a PR visa. 

Oldest Immigration Company

We first became licensed in 2016. Since then, we have consistently maintained our CICC license by taking various exams and mentorship programs. Throughout these years we have had the privilege of assisting students, workers, and aspiring permanent residents to realize their dreams of studying, working, and settling in Canada. All these years, we have experienced everything – the most complicated cases to getting a successful visa within 4-6 months. 

Lifetime service and support

Unlike most immigration consultants for Canada, Talent Connected Worldwide offers lifetime assistance and support even post-immigration. While other visa agents do not offer support for more than 6 months, we never leave your side once we accept your case. 

How Talent Connected Worldwide Works?

For most cases, immigration through Talent Connected Worldwide involves the following steps. 

  • You subscribe to our newsletter and fill out a form to request a free profile evaluation
  • Our representative contacts you. They discuss your requirements. 
  • We arrange a meeting with our experts and under the guidance of CICC-licensed agent, we assess your case in detail. We realistically inform you about the chances of getting a PR visa and its estimated time. 
  • If you are eligible and we take your case, we initiate a legal contract. This contract assigns Talent Connected Worldwide as your official immigration consultant. All terms and conditions, and costs will be listed in this contract. 
  • The process of building a strong profile begins – we guide you for all language tests, get relevant work experience, and an ECA report that increases your CRS score, or score in other PNP calculators. 
  • We are experts in the space where most of the consultants end up creating a mess. That is selection of the right job code/NOC code/TEER code for your profile according to your qualifications and experience. All paperwork and all processing circles around the NOC code, and this code is not accurate, it can lead to application rejection. 
  • It includes working with our clients to ensure the paperwork they receive from their employers contains substantial information and is all in line.
  • We create a customized list of documents for your case. Submitting a complete and updated application reduces the processing time.
  • Once you give us the documents, you can relax. We take care of all the paperwork and application submission. Talent Connected Worldwide also assists you during biometrics and medical exams 
  • Our clients are always motivated to come on video calls and have a detailed discussion regarding any questions they may have. 
  • We stay in constant communication with you throughout this process. 
  • Once the application is approved and you get the COPR, we celebrate with you and begin to prepare for your day of arrival in Canada. We list all the papers you need to have at the Port of Entry. 
  • If required, you will also get assistance after arriving in Canada. 
  • Even after you successfully become a Canadian permanent resident, you will never be alone. Talent Connected Worldwide offers lifetime support for aspiring and successful immigrants. Most of our PR clients completed the citizenship process through us as a result of the trust and impeccable service we provide.

Want to know more about immigration consultants for Canada and how they work? Contact us and get answers to all your questions.

Talent Connected Worldwide

Talent Connected Worldwide

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