How Much Bank Balance is Required for a UK Student Visa?

If you have ever dreamed of studying in the UK, the student visa of the United Kingdom is for you! Depending on your age and education level that you’ll be pursuing, you may stay in the UK for 2 – 5 years. However, to get this visa, there are some requirements and one of them is having enough bank balance. So, how much bank balance is required for a UK student visa?

Depending on various factors, you may need £1,023 to £1,334 to show as your bank balance. Other eligibility requirements to meet are mentioned below. But first, let’s understand the UK student visa properly. 

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About UK Student Visa

The UK student visa offers a student to stay in the country for 2 years (if the course is below degree level) and 5 years (if the course is at degree level). And in case you need to extend your stay, you can also do so by option of an extension or another visa. 

Generally, to be able to apply for a UK student visa, one needs to be at least 16 years old. Other basic requirements are:

  • a licensed student sponsor must have offered you a place on a course
  •  it is imperative that you speak, write, read and understand English
  • must have substantial amount of money so you could support yourself as well as pay tuition fee
  • in case your age is 16 or 17, your parents need to consent to you studying in the UK

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Requirements of UK Student Visa

The documents you need when applying for a UK student visa are:

  1. passport/ other valid travel documentation
  2. proof of money
  3. tuberculosis certificate
  4. valid ATAS certificate (if required)
  5. get a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) 
  6. if you are under 18
  • proof of parental/ other legal guardian consent
  • proof of relationship to parents/ guardian
  1. get a written consent for application from your financial sponsor (if you received sponsorship in previous 12 months) 

How Much Bank Balance is Required for a UK Student Visa?

Having enough money is absolutely essential and for a UK student visa, you need at least £1,334 per month if your course is in London, and £1,023 per month if the course is outside London. 

The amount actually depends on various factors such as where you would be staying, how long you would be staying in the UK, etc. 

Keep in mind: The proof of money should have been in your account for the past 28 consecutive days. Also, the ending date of the 28-day period should be within 31 days of the date when you apply for your visa. 

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When do you not have to prove your finances?

There are times when one does not have to prove financial support. This is in case when:

  • applying as a student union sabbatical officer
  • you have had a UK visa for 12 months before the date of Student Visa application (you must be in the UK at this time)
  • applying as a postgraduate doctor or dentist (must be on recognized foundation programme)

Moreover, if you are from a country which is listed under the differential evidence requirement, you don’t need to prove financial resources. 

This also applies to people who are British national overseas or belong to one of the following countries:

BulgariaCambodiaCanadaRepublic of Cyprus
DenmarkThe Dominican RepublicEstoniaGreece
MexicoNetherlandsNew ZealandPoland
QatarRomaniaSerbiaSouth Korea
SwedenSwitzerlandTaiwanUnited States of America
ChileChinaCroatiaCzech Republic
FinlandFranceGermanyHong Kong
ThailandTunisiaUnited Arab Emirates

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Processing Time of UK Visa for Students 

Usually, it’ll take about 3 weeks for a student visa to get processed, if applied from outside the UK. And, a UK student visa takes about 8 weeks to get processed if applied from inside the UK. 

If you are applying for the study visa from outside of the UK, make sure to apply at least 6 months before. 

In case you are applying from inside the UK, you may apply as early as 3 months before the start of the course. One thing to keep in mind: you MUST apply before your visa expires. 

How much does a UK student visa cost?

If you are applying for a UK student visa from outside the UK, you need to pay £490. In case you are applying from inside the UK, you’ll still be paying £490. 

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