How Much Bank Balance Is Required For Canada Visitor Visa?


Thinking of going on a vacation in Canada but don’t know how much bank balance is required for a Canada visitor visa? No worries! In this blog, we’ll cover the amount of funds you need to show in your bank account so you can get a visitor visa and get to visit Canada! 

Also, let’s not forget that we’ll mention what a Canada tourist visa for Indians is. Stay tuned!

What is a Canada Visitor Visa?

A Canada visitor visa is an official document issued by IRCC. It is also popularly known as Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or a Tourist Visa

The visitor visa is stuck inside the passport of the approved applicant and shows that they can enter Canada on a temporary basis. The application processing fees of a visitor visa for Canada is CAN$100. 

If you are applying for a visitor visa of Canada from India, the processing time for your application is about 21 days. 

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Canada Visitor Visa Requirements

Some basic Canada visitor visa requirements are:

  1. possess a passport or other valid travel document
  2. be in good health
  3. there should be no past criminal or even immigration-related convictions 
  4. must convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada once the visit ends
  5. convince the officer that you have ties to your country of origin
  6. must have adequate amount of money to last stay in Canada (this amount depends on how long the person will be staying in Canada)

How Much Bank Balance Is Required For Canada Visitor Visa?

You must have about CAN$6,500 (INR 4,00,000) in your bank account to be approved for a Canada visitor visa. 

The visitor visa applicant can show this amount through their bank account statement and submit the bank statement with their Canada visitor visa application. 

In your bank statement, you must include these details:

  • The bank name and your contact details
  • Prove the accounts is yours by giving your name and address on the statement
  • The statement must include at least 6 months of data so your financial situation can be analyzed

So, now that you know how much bank balance is required for a Canada visitor visa application, are you ready to explore Canada! The country is full of beautiful snow-peaked mountains, stunning beaches and awesome lakes that guarantee adventures. 

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