How quickly can you apply for a Job Visa for Canada from India ?

How quickly can you apply for a Job Visa for Canada from India

Canada has a great Global reputation in terms of job opportunities, quality of life, and strong economic and cultural influence. Job visa for Canada from India is a legal document that provides permits to a foreign to engage in employment while inside of Canada. Many individuals have a question about what jobs are in demand in Canada for immigrants and how you can apply for a job visa. These 2 questions are very similar in every candidate’s mind. Every year, Canada issues half a million job visas to temporary foreign workers all over the world. Candidates who obtain a job visa for Canada from India can also apply for Permanent Resident.

What is a job visa for Canada from India ?

A Canada Work permit is referred to as a Canada job Visa and Work Visa by most people. This job visa is an official work permit which helps foreigners to enter Canada and work in Canada. Some countries including Indians need an eTA or a visitor visa along with a Canada work permit / job Visa.  it does not require any additional charges for it.

Who is eligible for a job Visa for Canada From India ?

Before applying for a job visa for Canada from India, candidates have to fulfill the following requirements.

  1. For Indians, need a valid passport with your visitor visa stick on its page.
  2. Be in good health and give a medical exam
  3. No criminal records and submit an police clearance certificate
  4. The job offer they get should be ineligible listed in official website
  5. Submit a proof of fund to support yourself and your family (if you are traveling with your family)
  6. Candidates have to convince the visa officer to leave the country after visa expires
  7. Submit all the documents to officers proving that candidate can enter in Canada
  8. Covid- 19 testing and quarantine requirements are mandatory to get a Canada work permit from India.

Documents Required for a job Visa for Canada from India?

Be focused while submitting all required documents to complete the job visa application process. See the list of what documents require a job visa for Canada from India. 

  1. A valid passport
  2. Require cancelled and expired passports too
  3. Provide education qualification proof which contains degree, marksheet and certificates.
  4. Provide the existing work experience proof
  5. Submit the details of Bank Statements of applicants
  6. Submit contact details of candidates which contains address and phone number
  7. Income tax proof of last 2 years
  8. Require bank statements of 3 months
  9. Provide other income sources document ( investments, property documents, etc )
  10. Application form for temporary resident visa
  11. Requires family information form
  12. Copy of a marriage certificate and date of birth certificate ( if a candidate is traveling with family members )
  13. Submit a job offer letter by the employer.

Process of applying for job Visa for Canada from India

Job visa for Canada from India is a permission to cross the Canadian border to work and live. See the process of applying for job visa for Canada from India:
  1. Visit the official website of government of Canada
  2. Do click on the immigration and citizenship option and select the work option to open the page
  3. Click on the option Get a work permit and choose the work suitable for you
  4. Then click on Apply for work permit and select How to apply tab
  5. Now candidates have to choose the place where they want to work and live in Canada
  6. Click on the Get the Application and home country option
  7. Choose online application and home country option
  8. Now login your existing account and fill the application form and submit it
  9. Make sure to upload all the required documents at the Canada visa application center.
  10. Submit all the biometrics details and get your photo clicked
  11. After that a visa officer will call you for an interview
  12. And then candidates will receive an approval letter from the Canadian Embassy.

Processing time of job visa for Canada from India

A Canadian job visa takes around 5 to 6 months to process. The processing time starts when the IRCC receives the candidate’s job via application and ends when the authority finally takes a decision.

Cost of job visa for Canada from India

See the cost of job visa for Canada from India Below:
  1. Application fees for 1 candidate = 155 CAD
  2. Application fees for group applicants = 465 CAD
  3. Biometrics fees for 1 applicants = 85 CAD and 170 CAD for at least 2 members
  4. Biometrics fees for Group applicants = 255 CAD

Reason behind refusal of a Job visa for Canada

Below is the list of conditions that can lead candidates to job visa rejection in Canada.
  1. If candidates were fail to provide or submit the required documents
  2. If candidates fail to show the sufficient funds to finance their travel to and stay in Canada. 
  3. If applicants will fail to meet the health standard.
  4. Candidates fail to meet international security standards, like having a criminal record.
  5. If candidates are fail to convince vis officers regarding their intentions
  6. If candidates are held against Human Rights Violations.

How quickly can candidates apply for a job visa after refusal ?

Candidates can apply for a job visa again after refusal. You can see the reason behind refusal of a job visa for Canada above in the blog. Candidates have been the great destination for foreign workers, people are very attracted to the job opportunities and the work environment of Canada. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get work visa for Canada from India ?

The work visa / job visa application cost is 155 CAD for single applicants, for more than 2 members it costs 465 CAD.

What is the age limit for working in Canada?

There is no minimum age requirement for working in Canada. Candidates age less than 17 years require authorization from the Employment Standards officer to work between 11 pm and 6 am or work during school time.

What are the types of Canada work visa ?

The work visa are of 2 types, the first one is Employer-Specific Work Permit and second one is open work permit.

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