How to Apply for a Canadian Work Permit as an Indian Worker?

Canada offers the chance to people from across the world to work in Canada. Workers from a variety of nations are issued work visas through this scheme. For Indian nationals who want to work in Canada and develop their careers, such programs are particularly popular but Many people are confused about how to apply for a Canadian work permit as an Indian worker. However, there are other additional schemes that provide Canadian work permits to Indian workers.

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Let’s look at the many options for getting work permits in Canada for Indians.

Work Permit for Post-Graduate

This is a work permit that students receive after completing their education, as the name suggests. Each year, thousands of Indian students pursue their academic interests in Canada. When they finish their studies, these students can subsequently submit an application for a post-graduate work permit (PGWP).

Program for International Mobility

The International Mobility Program (IMP) is where the majority of Canadian work permits for foreign nationals are offered. Due to the lack of a requirement for candidates to get a Labour Market Impact Assessment, which can be challenging for many to accomplish, this program has been very popular over the years.

This program issues work permits that are both closed and open. Under this scheme, the processing time for a work permit generally takes two weeks.

Intra-Company Transfers 

A work permit may be obtained through the Intra-Company Transfer Program for Indian employees who are currently employed by firms with Canadian parent companies, subsidiaries, or branches. You should look for Indian businesses that meet these conditions if you wish to submit an application for a work permit under these schemes.

If an Indian worker falls into one of the following three categories, they are qualified to apply for this program:

Senior Manager:

Employees that oversee other managers or lower-level employees or who manage all or a portion of the company’s work fall into this group.


Those that hold managerial positions with their companies fall under this category. Only senior executives who are above these workers should supervise them.


Employees in this category have “specialized knowledge” of the goods or services offered by their employer. Advanced knowledge of their company’s procedures also falls under this category.

Program for Temporary Foreign Workers

This category are develop to assist Canadian businesses in filling labor pool shortages in their sector. Candidates who intend to apply under this program for a work permit must have a legitimate employment offer and finish a Worker Market Impact Assessment. This program consist two separate streams these are:

Low-Skilled and High-Skilled Workers Stream:

In Canada, it can be difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to fill open positions with employees. This is a result of labor shortages that, in the short term, cannot be resolved without the use of foreign labor.

Agricultural Workers Stream:

This program is for those who want to work in the agriculture industry in Canada. These programs demand a full-time job offer from their employer as well as a year of work experience in Canada’s agricultural sector. To work in Canada and acquire the necessary experience, however, individuals must first apply for a work permit. 

Benefits of Work Permit

These programs give a boost in the Canadian economy and culture and give a rise in Canada Immigration. People who wish to work in Canada can come and live their dream because of these initiatives.

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