Total number of immigrants in Canada by country


Do you know the total number of Immigrants in Canada? Canada, a land of vast natural beauty and boundless opportunities, has long held its doors open to immigrants from around the world. Like a colorful mosaic, this diverse nation is woven together by the unique stories, dreams, and aspirations of those who have sought refuge, growth, and a better life on its shores.
In this blog, we embark on a journey to explore the lives of immigrants in Canada in different ways.

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Total Number of Immigrants in Canada

Canada has more than 8 million total immigrants from all over the world and 8 million is a huge number on its own for a country with permanent residence.

There were 492,982 total Immigrants in Canada by 2022, and 2,26,309 in 2021.

Total Number of Immigrants in Canada in 2022 by province:

There are 2,27,235 immigrants in 2022 in Ontario, Canada which is a big number on its own, and Nunavut territories has 52 immigrants which is the lowest number across all provinces and territories.

Provinces and TerritoriesNumber of immigrants
British Columbia83,200
Nova Scotia13,816
New Brunswick8,401
Prince Edward Island3,436
Newfoundland and Labrador2,843
Northwest Territories346
Source: Statista

How many study permit holders are in Canada by country?

Canada is best known for their high educational culture and top-ranked universities. India is in the top position in the world with 3,19,000 study permit holders.

Countries Study Permit holders
India 3,19,000
China 1,00,000
Phillipins 32,425
France 27,110
Nigeria 21,645
Iran 21,105
Korea 16,500
Vietnam 16,130
Mexico 14,920
USA 14,456
Source: Statista

Total Number of PR in Canada by 2022

Permanent Residency, in Canada, is a legal status that allows foreign nationals to live and work in Canada indefinitely. PNP holds the number 1 position having the most 88,270 PRs in 2022, which means the total number of permanent residents in 2022 was 88,270 through the PNP pathway.

PathwaysNumber of PR 
Skilled Worker81,085
Sponsored Spouse or Partner64,135
Temperory Resident to PR pathway39,045
Canadian Experience28,705
Sponsored parents or Grandparents27,270
Government Assisted Refugee23,910
Privately Sponsored Refugee22,520
Sponsored Children5,325
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program4,875
Rural and Northern Immigration1,345
Agri-Food Pilot1000
Self Employed815
Sponsored Extended Family Member630
Start-up Business580
Skilled Trade460
Blended Sponsorship Refugee100
Source: Statista
International students in Canada program enrollment category in 2021

Canada is a top destination for international students seeking quality education and a multicultural experience. International students choose courses across all universities to their interests.

Here are some number that shows data of international students according to their students.

Program Number of international students
Architecture, engineering, and related technologies1,16,919
Mathematics, computer, and information sciences57,366
Business, management, and public administration43,770
Personal, protective, and transportation services42,996
Physical and life sciences and technologies29,526
Health and related fields18,960
Visual and performing arts and communications technologies11,940
Agriculture, natural resources and conservation6,291
Personal, protective and transportation services4,542
Personal improvement and leisure1,437
Source: Statista

The total number of International Students in Canada is 8,07,260 in 2022, it is because Canada is famous for its high quality of education.

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