What is a Single Name Passport?


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What is Single Name Passport?

A single name passport is a passport that includes only the holder’s single name or given name without their surname or family name. In some cultures or regions, individuals may have only one name and a single-name passport is issued to accommodate this naming convention.

However, it’s essential to note that passport requirements vary from country to country, and not all countries issue single name passports. In many countries, including the United States, Canada, and most European countries, passports typically include both the holder’s given name(s) and their surname or family name.

The concept of a single name passport is to accommodate individuals with unique naming practices or those who do not use or have a family name. Instead of including both a given name and a surname, a single name passport will only display the individual’s single name.

Big Changes on Single Name Passport

UAE partner IndiGo asks that no Indian passenger will be allowed to/from UAE with a single name on the Passport. There should be a “First Name” and “Last Name” as a Surname on the passport of every individual.

It means there should be a “First Name” and “Last Name” on the passport to enter a country.

If a passenger has a single name on their passport but has a Last name on the second page of the father or a family member will be allowed to enter UAE but Indians are not allowed to enter having this rule.

This same rule will be applied to the type of UAE visa but

Visit Visa
Employment Visa
Temporary Visa
Visa on Arrival


What is the actual meaning of Single name passport?

A passport with only a single name without having a “Surname” and “Last Name” is called Single Name Passport.

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