Immigrate through the OINP without a Job Offer!

OINP without a Job Offer!

Provincial Nominee Program is one of the popular pathways for Canadian PR. There are a number of other pathways, but the Provincial Nominee is famous for its provincial centric measures. PNP is basically administered by the Canadian provinces, and each province has its own Provincial Nominee Program. The main motive of the PNP is to provide or satisfy the labor, workforce and worker requirements of the province. Through PNP, thousands of immigrants settle in the province every year and, work and support its economy.  Ontario is one of the most famous provinces of Canada, with two of the biggest cities of Canada, Toronto and Ottawa. It is considered to be one of the biggest minerals producing provinces of Canada. There are a number of opportunities for the immigrants in Ontario. One can get the nomination through OINP Canada. OINP stands for Ontario Immigration Nominee Program. In this blog we will discuss the ways through which one can get PR through OINP Canada.

OINP Canada

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program or OINP Canada was started or launched in the year 2007. During the initial days of the program the province was allowed to invite only thousands of immigrants, but currently the province invites an average of 8000 immigrants every year through OINP. There are various two streams under OINP Canada to get the nomination. One of the streams under OINP is aligned with the federal Express Entry pathway, and the other is entirely controlled and administered by the province. OINP has its own point calculator. As we have mentioned above, Ontario is one of the most popular provinces of Canada with so many employment opportunities for the immigrants, you can check the list of NOC codes to find your dream job or most compatible job for you.

Ontario PNP application

One can submit the application for OINP Canada in two streams, as I have mentioned above there are two streams with sub-streams under them. An applicant can fill the application for any of these streams, which he or she finds better and most convenient for themselves. These two streams are 

  1. Aligned with federal Express Entry
  2. Nonaligned with Express Entry

There are few of the sub streams under the aligned stream. These sub streams are-

Under the non-aligned stream there are few of the sub streams. These sub streams are

  • Employer job offer category
  • Masters and PhD category 
  • Business category

These are the streams under OINP Canada through which an applicant can get the nomination for the Canadian PR. Each of these streams target different immigrants with different types of skills. An applicant must see whether they are satisfying the requirements of the applied sub streams or not. One must choose the right stream to apply for. Both streams have different processes of applying. Person without a job offer cannot apply under the employer job offer category. Requirements vary from stream to stream.

Ontario PNP apply

To apply for OINP Canada there are some basic steps, but these instructions are different for both the streams.

  • For aligned with Express Entry stream- if an applicant is applying under this stream, then the basic requirements are Express Entry profile and minimum CRS points. If an applicant has more than required CRS points, then he or she will receive Notification of Interest. One can only get the nomination, if they have the Express Entry profile and Notification of Interest. In this stream CRS scores do play the key role. Job offers aren’t compulsory under this stream.
  • For non-aligned streams- there are three sub categories under this stream. Firstly, an applicant is needed to submit the Expression of Interest, after submitting EOI individuals will receive the points on the basis of OINP Canada point calculator. Then the applicant profile will be in the pool for draw, if the applicant managed to score higher points, then that applicant will get nominated. However, as per the requirement sometimes applicants under certain streams are targeted and prioritized by the province.

Ontario PNP process

The OINP Canada process is kind of simple. Ontario PNP process entirely based on providing economic support to the province, by inviting immigrants as per the province requirements. There are several streams under OINP Canada and these streams target different kinds of immigrants with different skills. The OINP process is quite simple for the immigrants, even applicants with a low CRS score in Express Entry can easily get the nomination from Ontario without the job offer.

OINP Canada Eligibility

Different streams under OINP Canada have different eligibility criteria, you can visit Ontario official website to check these eligibility criteria for different streams. However, there are some basic requirements or eligibility criteria for every stream. These requirements or eligibility criteria are-

  • Age
  • Language proficiency
  • Work experience
  • Educational qualification
  • Enough settlement funds

Ontario PNP without Job offer

In OINP Canada one can also get the nomination for PR even if they don’t have a job offer. Through the Human capital category under aligned with Express Entry stream one can get the nomination. For this an applicant only needs to have the Express Entry profile and enough CRS points. While creating the express profile, a job offer can increase your point, but it’s not the main factor for the point allotment. Through the human capital category there are chances of getting the nomination if you have more than 400 CRS points.

To know more you can contact the best authentic immigration consultant in India, they can inform you about the best way to get the OINP nomination without the job offer.

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