Is GRE Require For Master’s in Canada in 2023?

For many individuals who wish to improve their educational background and job prospects, obtaining a master’s degree in Canada is the fulfillment of a lifelong desire. Canada is one of the most famous destinations for pursuing master’s and Canadian cities are best for students . But sometimes people have a doubt “ Is GRE require for master’s in Canada”. Here we will try to tell you everything about GRE so, stay with us!

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In Canada 2023, is the GRE require for master’s degrees? It varies. For a variety of business, management, and technical courses, the majority of Canadian colleges demand a GRE score.

GRE: what is it?

The Educational Testing Service is the holder of the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) General Test. It is a computer-based multiple-choice exam. 

Is GRE Require for Master’s in Canada?

For overseas students interested in enrolling in a master’s program in Canada, the GRE is an essential admission requirement. However, a number of prestigious Canadian universities only accept applicants with a minimum IELTS or TOEFL score. 

It is critical to understand that it can be challenging to assess the effectiveness and potential of international students. The GRE is a widely standard exam for graduate program applicants. It is accept in several universities in place of GMAT scores. Other universities might not have any minimum requirements, while some may have cutoffs for GRE scores. 

Canada’s Minimum GRE Cutoff Score 

Each university has a GRE cut-off score as part of the entrance requirements. Minimum score requirements for prestigious Canadian universities are between 320 and 340. And while your possibilities will be minimum if your score is between 300 and 310, you can still enroll in a respectable university. 

Each university sets its own cutoff requirements or minimum GRE scores. To make the preparation process easier, be aware of and understand the minimal score standards of the university of your choice.

Best Universities in Canada Accepting GREs for Minimum Score

Here is a comprehensive list of the best Canadian universities that accept GRE scores. These institutions are famous for their outstanding academic programs, accessible research possibilities, and multicultural student populations.

They provide an extensive selection of master’s degree programs in several fields, including engineering, business, science, and the social sciences. These GRE-accepting universities in Canada are an excellent place to start your search if you’re thinking about getting a master’s degree there.

  • University of Toronto; Around 167 required GRE scores.
  • The University of British Columbia; Around 307 required GRE scores.
  • McGill University; Around 321 required GRE scores.
  • University of Alberta; Around 310 required GRE scores.
  • University of Waterloo; Around 307 required GRE scores.
  • Queen’s University; Around 315 required GRE scores.

Dalhousie University Halifax; Around 300 required GRE scores.

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