Is it Better to Live in Toronto or Nova Scotia as an Immigrant?

Is it Better to Live in Toronto or Nova Scotia as an Immigrant?

Many wonder “is it better to live in Toronto or Nova Scotia as an immigrant?” Well if you are looking for new job opportunities and a higher quality of life in terms of luxuries, then we could say that Toronto is the right place for you. However, if you are looking to rekindle your relationship with nature, live among the natural beauty of life then Nova Scotia is the ultimate destination for you. Even if you wonder “is Nova Scotia a good place to immigrate from India “ then you may get an answer after reading this blog. 

Is it Better to Live in Toronto or Nova Scotia as an Immigrant? Which one is better? 

There are many factors to consider when choosing a particular place to live in, especially if you are an immigrant. Some things that you may need to consider are- job opportunities, lifestyle, climate, affordability, accessibility, standard of living, and neighborhood. 

Let’s discuss this in detail below. 

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Job Opportunities 

TorontoNova Scotia
1. Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada and one of the most popular too. 1. Nova Scotia is a really nice province to live in for those wanting to be near nature. 
2. Finding a job in Toronto is easy if you have the right skills. 2. From entry level occupations to admin and clerical level job opportunities, Nova Scotia has a vast variety of job opportunities available. 
3. Top paying jobs in Toronto- Surgeon, Orthodontist, Medical Director and Marketing Director. 3. Some of the best paying jobs in Nova Scotia are- Licensed Practical Nurse, Administrative Assistant, and Legislators.  
4. You can even earn more than $190,000 if you get to work in Toronto. 4. If your salary is above $100,000 in Nova Scotia then you are in the top salary holders in the province! 


TorontoNova Scotia
1. Toronto may have a higher cost of living, but it’s worth it if you are living in a city as lavish as Toronto. With high rise buildings and posh restaurants, Toronto is a good place to live in for those who welcome a modern lifestyle. 1. Nova Scotia is like heaven on earth. The Canadian province is famous for being surrounded by beautiful scenery, low range Appalachian mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. 
2. Toronto comes at the top when it’s about “liveable cities in Canada.” You may not believe what the people say, but you can’t deny facts, huh? 2. Moreover, Nova Scotia is one of the happiest, friendliest and exciting places in Canada!  


TorontoNova Scotia
1. Toronto is not really an affordable city but if you want to live the kind of life Toronto offers, then you can understand that it’s worth it.1. Compared to Toronto, the average rate of affordability is much lower. 
2. If your salary is around $70,000 a year, then you can live comfortably in Toronto. 2. As mentioned before, Nova Scotia is a place that offers a nice living environment and on top of that, you are also getting to live in a place which is not so expensive either. 

In this blog, we discussed what immigrants should consider when they are thinking about “Is it better to live in Toronto or Nova Scotia as an immigrant?” Upon considering a number of important factors such as job opportunities, lifestyle, and affordability, you can understand if Toronto is more suitable for you or Nova Scotia. Also, when you are thinking about which place to settle down in, it is wise to think about it seriously and think for the long run. 

Whichever place you choose, we are sure that the decision would be the best one as no place in Canada is “unlivable”. 

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