Scope of Accountant Jobs in Canada for Indians in 2024

Accountant Jobs in Canada for Indian

There are several hundreds of accountant jobs in Canada for Indians. Many Indians are looking for jobs, this might be a good year to immigrate to Canada and start a new phase of life! 

Canada has been one of those countries that welcome immigrants and is always ready to expand its workforce. Currently, Canada is willing to provide job opportunities to more or less 122,381 people.

This might be the best time to get a job and become a Canadian permanent resident.

Who’s an Accountant?

An accountant is someone who deals with the business world. They work with numbers, spreadsheets, and financial reports. Their expertise helps in building the firm and taking necessary steps and decisions for the betterment of the department or the whole organization. 

Canada has been one of the centers of high demand for accountants. Any immigrant or a person looking for a job opportunity in taxing, accounting, financial management, and auditing can choose Canada for the perks it offers to its accountants. What matters are your skills and a keen interest in the field for your successful growth.

Accountant Jobs in Canada for Indians

Here is the list of top Accountant Jobs in Canada for Indians:

  1. General Accountant
  2. Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs)
  3. Tax Accountant
  4. Management Accountant
  5. Forensic Accountant
  6. Cost Accountant
  7. Financial Analyst

Who can be an Accountant in Canada?

Those who recently graduated or completed their undergraduate in the field of accounting or maybe have been active members practicing accounting in their country are welcome to immigrate to Canada for more opportunities and growth.

Why Choose Canada for Accounting Jobs?

Do we really need to tell you why Canada should be on your list to immigrate to? We all know the advantages of immigrating to Canada. It is one of the most accommodating countries in the world. However, let us tell you even more reasons for you to choose Canada.

1. Higher Pay:

Yes, accountants do make more money than average jobs. This is one of the reasons why people immigrate to Canada for accounting jobs. The salary, however, also depends on the province you would be working in. The territory or the province where accounting jobs are available plays a huge role in salary decisions. 

There’s one more reason for the difference between salaries, and seniority. More experienced employees receive higher income benefits. An average accountant makes $58,988 a year, which comes down to $30.25 per hour. Freshers in this field may start from $48,750 per year but the most experienced staff can make up to $79,615 in a year.

2. Higher Demand

Many provinces like Quebec, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are demanding more and more accountants. The Canadian Government’s Job Bank suggests strong growth in this field until the year 2028.

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