Scope of Civil Engineering in Canada

scope of civil engineering in canada

Today, our aim is to fulfill the curiosity of many who wish to know about the scope of civil engineering in Canada. If you are also one of them, then do read this article as we are about to discuss topics such as what is civil engineering, what is its eligibility criteria, what are the responsibilities of a civil engineer, which firms are giving out job opportunities to civil engineers and how much salary one can expect.

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Job Description:- Civil Engineer

The work of a civil engineer is pretty much the same no matter which part of the world one goes to. You can find civil engineers designing the structure or maybe planning out the design. Civil engineers also manage projects regarding constructional works such as earth structures, roads, railways, tunnels, bridges, dams, ports, canals, airports, transit facilities, powerhouses, and other related structures. Under their supervision also comes the responsibility of keeping tabs on highways, water distribution, transportation services, and sanitation related matters. 

Their field of specialization may cover building and structural inspection, foundation analysis, surveying, and municipal planning. Civil engineers get employment opportunities from engineering consulting firms, by the government, many industries hire them or they can also be self- employed.

Eligibility Criteria of a Civil Engineer in Canada

To work as a civil engineer in Canada, the individual must pass some qualification requirements. Those who have these below qualifications can immigrate to Canada as a civil engineer. 
Qualifications Needed
  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering 
  • Master’s doctorate or degree in a similar field of engineering discipline
  • They should have a license by a provincial or a territorial association of engineers.
  • To become a licensed civil engineer in Canada, one needs at least 3 to 4 years of experience in this field. 

Responsibility of a Civil Engineer in Canada

Civil engineers have tough and important jobs to carry out. The scope of mistake or error in their work should be in minimal amount if not non-existent. Down below we have provided some of the responsibilities of a civil engineer in Canada.  
  • They should be able to evaluate buildings properly and recommend construction materials. 
  • Carrying out conversation with clients and team members so the process of research conduction goes smoothly and the project could be completed on time. 
  • They should be able to develop construction related specifications.
  • Make sure that the construction plans are meeting all the guidelines and other regulations. 
  • Should be able to design and develop civil projects like bridges, dams, canals, roads, railways, airports, etc. 
  • Have the ability to conduct services for civil works. 
  • Should be able to carry out analysis for the development of hydrological, soil, topographic, and prepare reports on the same. 
  • Supervision of technicians, technologists and engineers in the related field, along with reviewing and approving their designs, cost estimates, and calculations is their responsibility. 
  • Be able to review, interpret, approve surveys, and approve civil design work. 
  • Sometimes they also need to act as site or project supervisor. 
  • They establish construction work schedules along with monitoring it. 
  • They supervise water, soil, and air quality, apart from developing procedures for the cleansing of contaminated sites. 
  • Preparation of documents and their review for construction projects is done by civil engineers. 
  • Civil engineers find solutions to issues too.

Job titles

In Canada, civil engineers may have slightly different job titles. Why don’t we take a look at those titles? 
  • Construction project engineer
  • Hydraulics engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Geomatics engineer
  • Surveying engineer
  • Bridge engineer
  • Traffic engineer
  • Geodetic engineer
  • Construction engineer
  • Sanitation engineer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Transportation engineer
  • Highway engineer
  • Public works engineer
  • Municipal engineer
  • Water management engineer

Job Offers for Civil Engineers in Canada

Civil engineers do not have a shortage of available job opportunities whether in Canada or other countries. The availability of options means civil engineers are always in demand in the market which makes this job one of the most in-demand jobs.  Let’s take a look at job vacancies available in Canada based on its provinces.   
  • Manitoba – 3+
  • Québec – 115+
  • Alberta-  35+
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 5+
  • Canada – 300+
  • New Brunswick – 13+
  • British Columbia – 50+
  • Saskatchewan – 13+
  • Nova Scotia – 10+
  • Ontario – 45+

Approximate Salary of Civil Engineers in Canada

Since civil engineering is a job in demand of course the job of a civil engineer is going to be a well-paying one. In Canada, an average civil engineer can make approximately around $80,000 in a year. This can be broken down to approx $40 an hour. It is obvious that the people on the entry level positions are not going to make $80,000 a year from the very start. Their pay may start around $62,000 a year. On the other hand, the most experienced engineers can even earn more than $100,000 on an average yearly salary.

Future of Civil Engineering in Canada

From the looks of job availability and how much civil engineers are in demand, it is safe to say that the future of civil engineering in Canada seems far from dull. Canada is in need of more workers to expand its labor force so its economy could grow further on. We are aware that after Russia, Canada is the second-largest country in the world. And because of its growing cities and improving economy, it has never needed more civil engineers now than ever. Hence, Canada is in need of civil engineers.

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